Thursday, September 13, 2012

playing in my moleskin.

 Hi guys!!!  Sorry I've been incognito for most of the summer.  It's because I have been feeling better than I have in years and have been using up all my time just playing (well, when I wasn't preparing for my workshops in july, august and the ones in england in 2 weeks).  With the weight of work off my back, I have been savoring every blissful moment I have.  I haven't posted for awhile also because (obviously) I am doing a new type of journal.  Something that probably won't appeal to many but it's just what I feel like doing at the moment.
 I needed a change...something that felt fresh and new.  When I accidentally spilled salsa all over my latest journal, I got very disenchanted with my old process for some reason.  I had this 6x8 old moleskin with really nice heavy paper so I decided to fill it up with whatever spilled out of me.  I know the drawings are cutesy but that's what came out.  I'm hoping more grittier stuff starts happening soon...but for now I am enjoying my sandbox and perhaps reverting back to childhood a little in the process.
 Been carving stamps again, getting out old rubber stamps (forgot how much I LOVE rubber stamping), playing with my copics, and just a simple pen and pencil....oh and a little collage (my favorite medium).

So we are headed to jolly 'ol england soon to relax, travel a little and teach.  I am so grateful to Erin Faith Allen who organized this so I could be a part of a retreat in a non-organizing role for a change.  I am beyond excited.  I promise to post about the trip when I return.

To answer some of the emails I've been getting:
1.  Yes, there is still something HUGE on the horizon for me (for us all) but the universe keeps telling me that I need more time off before I jump into it.
2.  I am WELL!  In fact, I feel better than I ever have.  Things that were wrong are all gone now (thanks to some incredible natural healers), I have lost 45 lbs. and I now see that it all had to happen the way it did.  My body needed a fine tuning after 49 years of stress.  I'm in love with life again.
3.  I go back and forth with teaching engagements.  Right now, since I have been teaching a lot, I feel like I don't want to overdo it (especially since I have been creating like a mad fool and want every waking moment to play!).  and yet, some days I feel such an urge to share more stuff with people.  I do not have anything on the horizon right now.  If something gets planned, it will be at our loft in Seattle, and it probably won't happen until february.
4.  I had said I would be back in los angeles in november but it didn't feel right to me.  and if I have learned anything the last few months, it is to listen to and trust my intuition.

You all are the best.  I truly mean that!  i love ya all!