Friday, May 18, 2012

Cool New Journal Book

 When Orly recently asked me to be part of a blog hop about her new book, I ordered it and had it sent next day air so I could do a decent review.  I could have based everything on Orly's fantastic work online but wanted to see it in book form.  Since I did the foreword in her book, I will keep this short and simply informational.  Her book is fabulous.
 The self published book is nice and big with full color pages of her journals.  The paper is matte and was a good choice.  Her work would not look good glossy.  There are no page numbers but I roughly counted over 200 pages.  This book is a bargain when you consider being able to just sit and look at 200 pages in her journals.
 Through the words on every page you are allowed to see inside of Orly's head as she convey's how creativity works and hear her stories.  You are reminded of things you might have forgotten.
 Although nothing compares to taking a class in person, buying this book, reading through it and then sitting down and journaling is as good as it gets.  You will absolutely be inspired.
 I sincerely hope this inspires more artists to publish their journals and tell their own stories.  It certainly has for me.

Where to get the book:
 Support Orly best by ordering it through her eStore  
She hopes to inspire more artists to self publish and I know if you had questions, she would be more than happy to share her process on it.  Support Artists!

Link to Orly's blog:

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Monday, May 14, 2012

2 journal spreads in detail

another drawing journal

 Found this Moleskine Calendar Journal that I started 4 years ago and did roughly a dozen pages in before it got shelved.  Found it the other day and it's been a great little size to carry around with me.

 well...that was that.  after one day of recording what I did, it was all over until 4 years later...