Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Favorites on the web.

One of my favorite artists (as shown above)

An amazing magazine out of canada that I can't afford but can look at online.

great little food videos that can be more fun than watching tv.  I love chef John's voice.

reminds me why I want to be a fashion designer in my next life.

found a great little company while shopping last summer in portugal (I'm craving their wallpaper)

a well designed recipe website where you can heart your faves

another favorite artist

love watching her make these

if only I had more patience, I'd make this.

Favorites on the iPad.

flipboard is by far my favorite app.  

Unstuck is a fun little self help game app that actually is quite good.

Picframe is good for combining several pictures into one for posting on facebook.

Instagram is super cool for your iPhone.

The Guardian Eyewitness posts amazing pictures picked from all over the world.