Monday, January 30, 2012

amazing jane

I am SO EXCITED about having jane teach this weekend at our Artfest Annex in Seattle.  She flew in last wednesday from Australia, right before driving up to the fort for our PLAY retreat this past weekend.  Coming back to seattle today, we had to make a pit stop at daniel smith so she could pick out some prismacolor pencils for me.  She's been making my stomach hurt from laughing so hard.  We can squeeze in a couple more for the workshop but are keeping the class small and intimate.  Email me quickly if you want to come.  it starts this friday at 10am.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My other blog/passion

OK...If any of you out there are into food, like this delicious tofu and fake chorizo burrito I just made today, I am going to start blogging again on my sister site .  I'm having too much fun with my new birthday present (40mm/1:2.8 macro lens) for my 5100 Nikon.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

my new lens

 For my birthday, Tracy bought me a new lens for my nikon today....a 40mm/2.8 macro.  So I was having fun with it.  It's amazing and just what I was looking for.
 I've been drawing again in my old drawing journal...this time with pencil instead of pen.

 Hi Sherlock!
 If anyone read yesterday's post, this is the owl I made over the weekend.
 This is a purse I made from leftover scraps we were using to make scarves.  The face piece is a hand painted, hand quilted things I did several years ago and never used it on anything.  It was just the weight I needed for a flap on the purse to keep it closed.

 This is the scarf I made.  Mine was super plain compared to the others...hopefully they will post their scarves on their blogs because they are much cooler....but this is something I will actually wear.  I LOVE color in my art but not to wear.
 Playing with my new lens in Tracy's journal.
More of Tracy's art.