Monday, October 08, 2012

2 more pages (actually 4)

Created in my 6x8 moleskin.  Used tombo pens, pencil, smudger, colored pencil, collage, fine line pen.


  1. Hi Teesha!! I definitly felt in love with your blog! The name is perfect for it: a circus full of fun, color an groovy things. Thanks for sharing your inner world with the world! I´m glad for meeting you!

  2. Hi, Teesha, we have a great time actually with friends trying to create some book covers of yours. To me a very new way of sewing...Lots of fun! I love how the move on your pages are still very you. And thank you too for sharing your trip in England. Wish you the best.

  3. Teesha,
    Love the new look with the moleskin and the movement you create on your pages. Would love to see the process. Any chance for a new youtube or online class?