Sunday, March 11, 2012

journal pages and flaps


  1. Your work never ceases to make me drool, they are so awesome! For my gcse art project I'm focusing on your for my artist link because your a great influence, please NEVER stop drawing!:) I was hoping you could upload some videos on how you draw and paint the pictures and illustrations, do you think maybe you could? I would come to one of your workshops but I'm stuck in england lol, anyway dont worry if you cant. Just continue uploaded these pictures ;) Jessie xx

  2. All these are fab but I like the first the best !!

  3. Coral Lee3:51 AM

    Hi Teesha,

    So excited to see all of your pages. I adore the little highlight elements like the leaf shapes, draping beads and of course, your dots.

    Love that you shared so many photos in the one post.
    Big hugs - Coral

  4. I just discovered you on You Tube today and my butt is killing me right now 'cause I've been sitting in front of my computer enjoying your art for hours. What can I say I love your playful, colorful style. You play by your own rules. Now let me get off this chair and go have some creative fun of my own.

  5. Teesha, I just have to thank you again for once again making ARTFEST into a true fest! (Party in Norwegian) I had the best time, and it was os great meeting everyone again. I wish you and Tracy the best of luck with future plans, and hope I´ll meet you again in not-so-long. :-)