Saturday, December 31, 2011

new journal ready to go for the new year

 Since I haven't posted for awhile (did you notice the last 4 posts within an hour of each other?) I am getting a lot of posts out of my system.  This last one is my newest journal (the above photo is the cover...still deciding if I want to add more or not).  I took a couple months off from journaling.  was just feeling like it was getting old and same-o for me but recently I have been wanting to have a journal to work in again.  I went to the loft yesterday and cranked out these backgrounds to get me going and now I'm jazzed again to play.
 so...this is just acrylic paint put down fairly wet (yellow) and then dragging the dropper from some adirondak ink across the page.
 This is dribbling some fluid ink with the page vertical.

 I've already started laying some collage down...
 This is a shot of the pieces that I paint before making my books.  I still make my 8x10, 16-page journals just like I show in my videos.  I take the 3 pieces of paper, cut to 10x22 and paint both sides before making it into a book.

4 journal pages

finished painting

 Remember the painting I started a month or so ago?  The below shot is the "before" and the above shot is the "after".  The idea for it came from the fact that we just had gone through 11-11-11...a big energy day according to some.  They say that on this day, a new "window" opened on the earth that ushered in some energy that we haven't seen before.  So, I tried to represent energy that was flowing between the sky into the earth and flowing back again.  When Tracy saw the finished painting, he thought it was supposed to be inner earth...that magical place where some believe there are whole environments with living beings who reside there.  I kinda like his interpretation better.  It will be for sale next thursday, jan. 5th at the artfest annex (first thursday art walk).  Address is 89 yesler way from 5-8.  We will also be showing a few others artists work as well.

beautiful mother earth

 Has anyone else noticed how the earth / nature is more beautiful than ever before?  I'm amazed on a daily basis, whether it is a particular tree, colors in "air", the beauty at dusk, a flower by the side of the road, cloud formations, etc...
 These were outside my daughters apartment in seattle.  The grass was almost a neon green and the leaves were shades of pinks and reds and oranges...all incredibly bright and glowing.  One of the most beautiful things I think I've seen.  It was just one of those moments that remind you of how beautiful the earth is if you just stop and look.

This was last night when we walked out of the grocery store at dusk and there was an odd mix of ominously dark clouds with some light peeking through.  It's not just the beauty but it's the energy you feel in the the earth is trying to make people stop and notice she's putting on her best show and just wants to be noticed and appreciated.
This was facing the opposite way...just a crazy display of magnificence!

christmas card from tracy

Tracy wood burned this onto some super thin wood and then inked it for me.  He's so good!