Sunday, November 27, 2011

new book by jesse reno

 I've been meaning to do a post about Jesse Reno's new book I just got.  I have his other books and they are a constant source of inspiration.  This one is huge and amazing and as you can see below, he includes a glossary of his symbols he uses in his paintings.  He doesn't usually purposely put symbols in his paintings...they just appear when he is creating and then he "reads" what the piece of artwork is telling him.  In fact, he writes the message on the back of each painting.  I resonated so much with this because this is what happens when I do art as well.  The piece tells me the universe is communicating with me.

 I have always felt like Jesse is a true creative genius.  He has found a way to let the creativity flow through him out onto the canvas without pretension.  Another sign of a creative genius is the sheer amount of work that is created.  Jesse has 1000's of paintings he has done.  He is always painting.  I get the feeling like he would wither up and cease to exist if he had to stop.
 When I took a class from him awhile back, I was drawn into his stories he told us while painting.  The stories felt more important than making art.

We all have those artists who we admire for one reason or another.  Jesse is high on that list for me.  This book would be an excellent thing to put on your christmas lists.

recent workshop results

 So this is what I made in the 3-day workshop taught by Karen Michel and Traci Bautista.  The above journal cover was made by fusing plastic bags taught by Karen.  I quilted a little closure since I had some odds and ends in my sewing bag.  Alma Stoller made the really cool fabric doodad that is hanging off the spine.  It was a gift from her many years ago and I felt it was time to use it.

 The inside pages were taught by Traci
 Photo altering taught by Karen

 Karen gave me this postcard which I loved.  I was using misprinted pages that Tracy had made for his diabetic journal.  It was good paper and I didn't want it to go to waste.
 I'll admit...2 days with flora, then a few days later 3 days with traci and karen left me feeling a little workshop'd out.  I was ready to start doing my own art again.  ;)

 This is Traci on the far left.
This is Karen with some of her fabulous art for sale.  It was a grand weekend overall and tons of fun hanging out with some dear friends.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Flora Bowley's workshop photos

 I'm posting this against my better judgement because it's not done yet.  I figure I have one more whole day on it.  but whatever...this was what I worked on in Flora Bowley's recent workshop she taught at the artfest annex in seattle.
 This was Flora's finished 36x36 painting...the one we saw progress over the 2 days.  It's beautiful in person.  She can certainly rock a canvas!
 This was nolwenn petitbois's painting.  well, one of two (we each got to work on two).  and one of my favorites in the workshop.
 I think this is Camille Scheewe with her painting.  another one who I loved what she was doing.
 This is Julie Hamilton's with some really cool pods on it!  I love pods!
 sorry...can't remember this person's name but I loved her work too...
The painting to the right was made by Marty Wallace, my table mate and one of my dearest friends.  All in all, the 2-days were fantastic and I learned a lot from Flora.

Monday, November 07, 2011


wow...I've been a little scared to read the comments on my last post.  Just didn't know which way they'd go, but knew I finally had to be brave and face the music.  After reading through them, with a big lump in my throat, I am SO THANKFUL once again for all the wonderful beings who have been on this journey alongside me...even those of you who I've never met but send good energy through your thoughts and support.

I know there are good things up ahead for us all...even better than 10 artfests put together.  I KNOW it.  It isn't about ME...quite the opposite.  I feel it is all about my own sphere of influence and even beyond that.  I'm excited.  I had 2 majorly HUGE confirmations the day I made the announcement public that confirmed in my mind that I indeed made the right decision.  any lingering questions were once and for all erased.

It's funny...the above journal page has been gently brewing little by little over the past couple of months and just last saturday when I sat down to work on it (I finally finished it with random thoughts) did it all make sense.  The imagery wasn't feeling cohesive until I realized what it was saying.  that is what makes journaling so magical for me!

Friday, November 04, 2011

A new path

Those of you who have known me for most of my art life, have seen a progression from my first little rubber stamp company called Ornamentum (which I sold less than a year later even though it had grown 500%), then onto organizing the MARS Guild (mail artists & rubber stampers) to plan a convention in seattle, then starting Zettiology and getting involved all over the country teaching art and selling our designs.  Soon after, we held our first art retreat for 50 people at Dumas Bay, a life changing event for me.  We rented an art studio in Snoqualmie and continued to do our weekend art retreats while doing rubber stamp shows, planning my first of 2 Artfests in Bellevue and starting a new magazine called "The Studio".  This then all led to starting a new type of retreat that focused more on workshops and less on the vendor show.  It was also called Artfest and was held at Fort Worden State Park in the year 2000.  In the past 12 years, I finished out 21 issues of The Studio Zine, 4 issues of The Studio Reloaded, 4 Issues of PLAY and then 12 issues of Art & Life.  This finally gave way to doing more events which included PLAY-the retreat, ArtFiberfest and Journalfest.  All the while I was following my gut...even when it was taking me into scary territory.  But each thing was a step higher, a part of my evolution, and an ever increasing way of helping more people in their creative journeys.

In that vein of following my intuition wherever it takes me, I was surprised when I sat down to fill out my 2013 Fort Worden reservation that something didn't feel right.  Up to that point, I really had never given it any thought, but suddenly I was thinking along a different path.  Trust me when I say that I had many many sleepless nights over this dilemma/decision but in the end, my gut was saying that I needed to be ready for the next big thing I was going to do without any future commitments in 2013. 

So I have made the decision to make Artfest 2012 the last big event for awhile.  I am feeling an overwhelming "knowing" that this is the right decision...I just wish I knew what the next BIG thing was as it would make this decision easier to swallow for my friends and family.  

I still feel a strong need to continue renting our Artfest Annex in Seattle and inviting teachers to come do weekend retreats.  I am also feeling like I need to step up my own teaching schedule. I feel open and inclined to plan some smaller art events down the road at new venues.  But there is something on the horizon that I think will reveal itself to me as soon as Artfest 2012 has come and gone.

So before the rumor mill gets going, I wanted you all to know where I am coming from with my decision, what the REAL skinny is and also to thank you all for your part in my crazy and amazing art journey I'm still on.  So, to clarify.  At this date, we have canceled plans for Journalfest 2012.  "PLAY-the retreat" is still on for jan. 2012 (5 spots left) and Artfest 2012 (about 100 spots left) will be the biggest send-off party....ever! 

Stay tuned as the mystery reveals itself.  ;)

teesha moore

Thursday, November 03, 2011

random things / ideas

 whoa...sometimes this is hard trying to get something posted every day...but I kinda like the challenge. So I found this shot of my handmade recipe file.  I collect cookbooks but can never find recipes when I want them.  I like to re-phrase recipes to their bare bones and put them on cards.
 This is another example how I have used the japanese tapes.  These tabbed divider cards were used backwards and I added a different tape to the tab to provide more color.  I also took an old box that was the perfect size and covered the sides with an old file folder (I had purchased from Crate & Barrel) and adhered it all with the tape.  btw...the tape on the tabs was folded over and then trimmed with scissors on the sides.
 Here is a new tape I found at Kinokuniya (in Uwajimaya's-Seattle).  Then just yesterday I saw it at Anthropologie too.  It was hard leaving that store without buying anything!
A random shot of supplies on a shelf in my art room.  The cardboard heads were purchased for $3 from a marrionette shop down a weird windie side road in Barcelona.  I should make something with them.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

smash journals

 So...last week when I was sitting in the car waiting for Tracy downtown Port Townsend, I saw a big sign in the window of the office supply store that said "SMASH Journals are here!!!"  Having never heard of them before and the fact that we were doing Journalfest at the fort, I had to pop in and see what they were all about.  I thought they were sorta cool.  I figured they would be great for my daytimer and planning type of journals and at $12.95, I figured I'd get one and try it out.
 When I got to the fort and was doodling on the cover, at least 5 people started freaking out that I had a Smash Journal.  I told them I had never heard of them before.  I found out that they have been sold out everywhere including the internet.  I wondered what the big deal was.
 The inside pages mostly have pictures on them.  Not sure yet what I will do on them.
 This rubber band was a seperate piece you can buy.  Of course...there are many components you can buy that makes your $12.95 journal jump considerably.

 Each color is different both in cover design and the pages have a different vibe to them.
 They come with this pen/glue stick that seems useless.  I don't like gluesticks and the pen isn't very dark.  I prefer my own pens.  It's also very difficult to get out of the pen holder.

More accoutrements that suck you in.  The calendars are actually pockets.  But as you can see up above, I opted to just draw in my own calendar on 2 pages that had a graph on them.  Final verdict?  Remains to be seen if I use it and like it.  The paper IS very sturdy which I like.  and the size is nice too.  BTW, amazon sells them for $1 less.

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

A tiny tiny taste of Journalfest

 Well, as usual, I didn't get many shots at Journalfest.  However, I had to show you what the students did in Lisa Cheney-Jorgensen's class.  The top one was done last year of me.  The bottom one of Tracy was created this year.  She takes a b/w photo, blows it up, cuts it into small squares and then has each student draw out their square on a post-it note.  They have no idea what they are drawing.  She then starts sticking them all up revealing what they collectively made.  She then laminated it (maybe with contact paper?) and gave it to Tracy.  I have had mine on my wall all year and it reminds me of the collective nature at my we all come together, add our own creativity, and together we make a whole.
 This little journal was made by Orly Avineri who was getting everyone to draw in it.  (It's sitting on top of my Smash Journal...which I will tell you more about in my next post).
 This was at the party on the last night.  Melissa (Robert's girlfriend...Robert is the amazing electronics mixmaster of Surrealized) is talking to my BFF, Sarah Greener.
Juliana Coles and boyfriend John, are gettin' DOWN on the dancefloor!