Saturday, October 29, 2011

Journalfest souvenir journal

 So, the first year we did Journalfest I gave each attendee a moleskin-like journal.  We added bits and pieces from the event to the journal.  It was a great place to put all the trades of the attendees.

 I've added to it at other retreats.  I've also had artists add to it by adding a little drawing here and there.

 I make pages like this for others to do a little doodle on.'s some of that japanese tape I used...along with some business cards from some friends.

 matthew's art to the left and orly avineri to the right.
Also a great place to put stickers and things I find.  the size is roughly 5x8.  I felt this was a fitting post on the last day of journalfest 2011.  By monday I'll be posting some fun stuff from Journalfest.  stay tuned.

Friday, October 28, 2011

passport travel journal

 This idea was inspired after seeing an old passport journal that a friend made in Orly Avineri's workshop.  I throw bits and pieces, business cards, stubs, brochure's, etc. into it when we travel.  It is smaller for my purse, is easy to get out and work in while waiting for our food, and all I need are scissors, scotch tape and a black pen.

 pretty much, everything that is added is added as a page, rather than taping it on the back.  The scotch tape works as a hinge.

 it's a good place for stickers too.  and photos...  and moocards from friends as seen below.

I never changed the cover except for a piece of tape.  I love this little journal.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

a different kind of journal

 I got a couple of comments a few posts ago about my japanese tape collection.  They wanted to know how I used it.  This is one of my journals where I've used a bit of it.

 I cut up my daytimers at the end of the year and incorporate them into these "junk" journals.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

a color feast for ya!

There is this cool parking garage downtown Tacoma, WA. where graffiti artists are free to do their thing.  I graffiti art for it's amazing energy.  Sometimes we are lucky enough to catch someone in action and it's fun to watch.

 I love this little composition on this post.  The little bit of black and white higher up just MAKES it!