Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Kumihimo yumminess

 So...Keith Lo Bue is staying at our house right now and tonight he got out his kumihimo pieces.  I flipped out.

 This piece to the left is a tye.
This is my absolute favorite.  it is a couple different cords that were made and then braided together.  I believe Keith still has a few spaces left in his October 10th class in conneticut.  It's called "All In A Cord" and you can find more info here.  He also is going to teach this at our house/studio in Issaquah this sat/sun to a small group of people (for plenty of hands on instruction).  We can accept a couple more if you are interested.  All the info is the same as this description but the place has been changed to Issaquah.  email me if interested.  Of course not everything shown here will be taught in the 2 days, but you will at least learn how to do it and then can go crazy with it like keith has done.

Sunday, September 11, 2011


I wasn't happy with my painting yesterday but REALLY not happy when I saw it on my blog.  So I fiddled with it today and feel much better.  whew.

this was the before shot...

Saturday, September 10, 2011


 Since my summer was the weirdest and fullest summer ever and my labor day weekend was spent registering Artfest attendees, my daughter Tiffany and I decided to take 2 full days to paint on the patio.
 This is tiff's start.  We are using 36x36 gesso boards from ampersand.
 This was my attempt.  It never goes in the direction you want it to go!  I titled it at this point  "Astronaut"
 I was playing around with whites.  This is where I got out my caran d'ache crayons.
 I wish I could paint like tiff...

 Really not happy with the outcome after 2 full days but I learned alot.  I may do more on it when I can step away from it for awhile.
 Tiff still says she has another full day of painting.  I probably do too.  But I am done for this weekend. I have other things calling my name.

It was a ton of fun by my back is tired from standing and painting for about 20 hours.