Sunday, August 21, 2011

New Energy

 I don't really know how to explain my summer.  To say the energy is changing is part of it.  Life just feels different to me but it's hard to explain.  It's a good thing...ultimately.  But it feels very different and strange.  Anxious for the fall to arrive.  I need things to slow down a little.
 Journaling has been helping to keep me grounded.  I've been reading alot more too which always starts me thinking again about stuff.  (recent book on nightstand is The Three Waves of Volunteers & The New Earth by Dolores Cannon).
 In case you didn't hear, now is the time to send in your ARTFEST 2012 registrations!  Sept. 1st is deadline if you want the best chance for getting first choices.
 Journalfest still has space too if you like stuff like this.  ;)

Don't forget to check out for some awesome workshops in our Seattle Loft.