Monday, July 25, 2011

journal covers

 These are my latest journal covers...all of which I demo'd really fast while teaching.  I keep thinking I should go back in and fix but kinda like them as is too.

 this weird animal needs some help.
and this one is simply too contrived.  maybe I shouldn't have posted these yet...

I know I've been Missing in Action

The best way to explain my life for the past 6 weeks is like that game show called Wipeout where the contestants navigate a giant obstacle course where they are constantly knocked off their course only to fall 10' into the water below.  They get back up and try, try again...only to be knocked off every time they try.  In the end, they are tired and just want to go home.  I think things are smoothing out now, thank goodness...because I finally feel like blogging again.  So here are a bunch of journal pages that have somehow managed to happen despite all the craziness....or because of it.

 This page above goes with the page below...but I'm not very good with photoshop to put it together for you.

 This radish page is overlapping the next page but when I scanned it in, I really liked the other pages peeking through so I left it uncropped.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Art Journal - Teesha Moore Workshop Portugal

one of my students (jane davenport from australia) made this in my portugal workshop. thought you'd enjoy it.