Friday, February 25, 2011

organizing again

We recently moved some furniture around in our studio at home.  The black cubicle bookshelves used to stand on end to form a wall, but I put them on their side to make it feel more open.  This also gives me alot more "counter" space to put things.
 I recently discovered the joys of these "scrapbook organizers".  I bought one with a michael's 50% coupon so I could lug alot more supplies to our recent play retreat and found it to be so cool that I went back and bought more.  This particular one holds all my charms, metal tools, waxed polyester, needles, wire and other related stuff.
 This is my fabric bag and has everything I need to sew anywhere.
 It's handy to either throw in the car for a weekend getaway or simply bring down to the living room to sew while watching a movie.
 This one holds my tape, glitter glue, paints (I only use these tiny pots for traveling), etc.  The masking tapes are in long bags so I can pull out a stack easily.
 This is my pen bag...and no, I don't take this into a coffee shop...but I do bring it to the loft when I want to journal in there or I can bring it to whatever desk I feel like working at.
Anyway...these have been working fabulously and keep alot of stuff all in one place.  I can store them in my cubicle bookcase to put them away.  You can bet I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for more sales on these things (regular price is about $25...way too much when they have so many sales)

startling forest face

When I looked out my kitchen window this morning, I was startled to see this face staring back at me.  Usually it is all dark brown and it blends in with the woods so it isn't noticable, but with the fresh snowfall, it really made the features stand out.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

cairns of color

Was having fun with cairns in my journal.  I'm always the girl who is making those stacks of rocks (cairns) that you see on hiking trails and the beach.  There is something magical about them.  I was also doing some research recently for a collage class I taught and was reminded of Rex Ray's work that I adore.  This is what spilled out.  I love that you don't need to worry about balance when you make paper versions in your journal...way easier!  ;)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

more art

 This is the cover of my latest journal.  I had adhered the collage with glue stick (ugh...I hate gluesticks) and it started peeling off while I was out and about so I slapped some tape on it (both decorative and scotch tape).  I would have never thought of doing this otherwise but I love the tape in a big X across the face.  This is why I say never to fear mistakes in your journal...they only lead to discoveries.
 still haven't figured it out...must sit and think about it one of these days.....still floating....
 I have to admit..I kinda like this page (this is saying alot since this is a rare feeling for me).  I'm thinking it is a combination of the blue color and the random design that appeals to me.  I might have to make this into fabric through
 Boy am I loving using my new collage sheets!!!  too much fun.
 part 1 of a long journal spread...
 part 2
 Wendy Millward came to PLAY and sat directly across from me.  We both share a love of interior design magazines.  She takes them to a new level by pasting pages directly into her journal and then adding to them in this fashion.  So I wanted to try my hand at it too.  I want a room that looks just like this!  part 2 is below.
 2nd half.   I don't think I'm done with this little side bar...perhaps a quote or something in the egg would make it feel done. That pillow belongs in this room but it wasn't proportional so it's sitting on the side.
 Trying to play around with the idea that less is more.  This is SO hard for me...there isn't much in my life where I practice restraint...
The funny thing about this little journal flap is that 2 days after I wrote it, I was meeting a friend for dinner.  I decided to sneak in a little journaling time at the starbucks before the meeting time.  As it turned out, there had been an accident that caused my friend to be really late.  I ended up having a 3 hr. journaling session with my headphones on.  Be careful what you write in your journal!  LOL

Monday, February 07, 2011

28 NEW collage sheets!

You have been asking for these...I finally have some new collage sheets all ready for your collaging pleasure.  28 new ones.  find them here.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

things I've been working on

the sketchbook project

 Tracy and I both decided to participate in the sketchbook project which may be touring in your town.  We paid a fee and were sent a sketchbook to fill.  We had to pick a theme from their list.  Mine was "Things That Changed Other Things".  Tracy's was "Dirigible & Submersibiles".
 He printed out his journal pages from his regular journal and rebound them into the book.  I added photocopies into mine....all 48 pages full.  Anything was fair game according to the rules.
 They had extended the deadline from jan. 15th to the 18th, which gave us the day that was needed to complete it.  whew.
Can't wait to see the show when it hits seattle.  This is the inside of Tracy's.