Saturday, December 31, 2011

new journal ready to go for the new year

 Since I haven't posted for awhile (did you notice the last 4 posts within an hour of each other?) I am getting a lot of posts out of my system.  This last one is my newest journal (the above photo is the cover...still deciding if I want to add more or not).  I took a couple months off from journaling.  was just feeling like it was getting old and same-o for me but recently I have been wanting to have a journal to work in again.  I went to the loft yesterday and cranked out these backgrounds to get me going and now I'm jazzed again to play.
 so...this is just acrylic paint put down fairly wet (yellow) and then dragging the dropper from some adirondak ink across the page.
 This is dribbling some fluid ink with the page vertical.

 I've already started laying some collage down...
 This is a shot of the pieces that I paint before making my books.  I still make my 8x10, 16-page journals just like I show in my videos.  I take the 3 pieces of paper, cut to 10x22 and paint both sides before making it into a book.


  1. I love seeing how and where you start from- and what a great time of year to become invigorated! happy new year from Ireland- hope this one is full of an abundance of great things X

  2. so sorry to read about your fur baby...
    Hope you will have an super abundant new year, to fill in the void...

    Miss your posts, and I would hop on a plane just to come see your work!!
    Coming from a little town in Wisconsin... where art is alive and growing from your inspiration!!

    happy new startings!!


  3. Happy New Year from an ArtFest 2006 alumni! Sorry to hear that 2012 is the last one! Never got to go back! And I was planning on going to JournalFest 2012 once I heard that you offered that as well! Hearing that it has been cancelled is kindofa bummer but, I do trust your decision and hope that all works out for you! I will just have to play in my bedroom/studio and pretend it's Fort Worden....and imagine there is a deer outside the window!! LOL! Big hugs, and I will keep reading your blog with more regularity. You are an inspiration!

  4. Why didn't I think of that? The painting both sides before binding together bit! Gooz! That's why I love you so, I get great ideas from you everytime I visit. I love the yellow with the ink. That page is bright and sassy adn I can already think of how I would collage and journal it.

  5. Love the new pages. Are these alphabet stamps you use from Stamp Out Cute?