Saturday, December 31, 2011

finished painting

 Remember the painting I started a month or so ago?  The below shot is the "before" and the above shot is the "after".  The idea for it came from the fact that we just had gone through 11-11-11...a big energy day according to some.  They say that on this day, a new "window" opened on the earth that ushered in some energy that we haven't seen before.  So, I tried to represent energy that was flowing between the sky into the earth and flowing back again.  When Tracy saw the finished painting, he thought it was supposed to be inner earth...that magical place where some believe there are whole environments with living beings who reside there.  I kinda like his interpretation better.  It will be for sale next thursday, jan. 5th at the artfest annex (first thursday art walk).  Address is 89 yesler way from 5-8.  We will also be showing a few others artists work as well.

1 comment:

  1. Teesha, this painting is fabulous. So lush, I feel as though I could lose myself for hours exploring its surface :)