Saturday, December 31, 2011

beautiful mother earth

 Has anyone else noticed how the earth / nature is more beautiful than ever before?  I'm amazed on a daily basis, whether it is a particular tree, colors in "air", the beauty at dusk, a flower by the side of the road, cloud formations, etc...
 These were outside my daughters apartment in seattle.  The grass was almost a neon green and the leaves were shades of pinks and reds and oranges...all incredibly bright and glowing.  One of the most beautiful things I think I've seen.  It was just one of those moments that remind you of how beautiful the earth is if you just stop and look.

This was last night when we walked out of the grocery store at dusk and there was an odd mix of ominously dark clouds with some light peeking through.  It's not just the beauty but it's the energy you feel in the the earth is trying to make people stop and notice she's putting on her best show and just wants to be noticed and appreciated.
This was facing the opposite way...just a crazy display of magnificence!


  1. Wow, what amazing coloured leaves... we have vibrance (when the sun decides to shine!!!) with all the rain we get, but the colours are usually more muted. As for the skies... just incredible and what great energy! x

  2. Yes I too have noticed what an artist Mother Nature is. I have become a cloud catcher-collector,I found a wonderful book on catching clouds it's called: The Cloud Collector's Handbook, by Gavin Pretor-Pinney

  3. Ok C'Mon!!!! Are you sure it isn't your camera? Playing tricks?
    I've never seen photos like this....never!!!!! thank you so much for sharing.
    Ya know, everything you two share is just super exceptional! Like, I want to move out there and be a part of your art world. I think my life would be complete. (Your daughter is so lucky!)

  4. The Earth's vibrations are rising and colors are becoming more vibrant. I love it when people really notice this magical transformation.