Tuesday, November 01, 2011

A tiny tiny taste of Journalfest

 Well, as usual, I didn't get many shots at Journalfest.  However, I had to show you what the students did in Lisa Cheney-Jorgensen's class.  The top one was done last year of me.  The bottom one of Tracy was created this year.  She takes a b/w photo, blows it up, cuts it into small squares and then has each student draw out their square on a post-it note.  They have no idea what they are drawing.  She then starts sticking them all up revealing what they collectively made.  She then laminated it (maybe with contact paper?) and gave it to Tracy.  I have had mine on my wall all year and it reminds me of the collective nature at my retreats...how we all come together, add our own creativity, and together we make a whole.
 This little journal was made by Orly Avineri who was getting everyone to draw in it.  (It's sitting on top of my Smash Journal...which I will tell you more about in my next post).
 This was at the party on the last night.  Melissa (Robert's girlfriend...Robert is the amazing electronics mixmaster of Surrealized) is talking to my BFF, Sarah Greener.
Juliana Coles and boyfriend John, are gettin' DOWN on the dancefloor!


  1. Teesha-thank you for posting those pictures.
    I was in Lisa's class and when we drew that picture of Tracy it was electrifying....I loved the collaborative nature of it and that it was a surprise for Tracy. :)
    Thank you for an indescribably fantastic week.

    Much love,

  2. Teesha,
    I was also one of this years artists working on Tracy's picture. What fun we had. And it was a real treat to see Tracy's face when we gave it to him. Thanks again to both of you for an amazing JournalFest...and to Lisa for a FABULOUS class!!