Thursday, November 03, 2011

random things / ideas

 whoa...sometimes this is hard trying to get something posted every day...but I kinda like the challenge. So I found this shot of my handmade recipe file.  I collect cookbooks but can never find recipes when I want them.  I like to re-phrase recipes to their bare bones and put them on cards.
 This is another example how I have used the japanese tapes.  These tabbed divider cards were used backwards and I added a different tape to the tab to provide more color.  I also took an old box that was the perfect size and covered the sides with an old file folder (I had purchased from Crate & Barrel) and adhered it all with the tape.  btw...the tape on the tabs was folded over and then trimmed with scissors on the sides.
 Here is a new tape I found at Kinokuniya (in Uwajimaya's-Seattle).  Then just yesterday I saw it at Anthropologie too.  It was hard leaving that store without buying anything!
A random shot of supplies on a shelf in my art room.  The cardboard heads were purchased for $3 from a marrionette shop down a weird windie side road in Barcelona.  I should make something with them.


  1. Your recipe box is awesome. I think those heads need a prominent place to rest a while where you will see them everyday. Then "they" will be able to tell you how they wish to be decorated. :)

  2. Love the marrionette heads! I can just see you making something wonderful out of them.

  3. Thank you for sharing what you used your tape for. And like you I also created my own file of favorite recipes in an elongated metal tray from the trash bin at I will have to redo the tabs now!!!!
    As for the heads,,,why dont you nail in embellishments all over it...keys, jewelry, watch parts, etc etc.