Sunday, November 27, 2011

new book by jesse reno

 I've been meaning to do a post about Jesse Reno's new book I just got.  I have his other books and they are a constant source of inspiration.  This one is huge and amazing and as you can see below, he includes a glossary of his symbols he uses in his paintings.  He doesn't usually purposely put symbols in his paintings...they just appear when he is creating and then he "reads" what the piece of artwork is telling him.  In fact, he writes the message on the back of each painting.  I resonated so much with this because this is what happens when I do art as well.  The piece tells me the universe is communicating with me.

 I have always felt like Jesse is a true creative genius.  He has found a way to let the creativity flow through him out onto the canvas without pretension.  Another sign of a creative genius is the sheer amount of work that is created.  Jesse has 1000's of paintings he has done.  He is always painting.  I get the feeling like he would wither up and cease to exist if he had to stop.
 When I took a class from him awhile back, I was drawn into his stories he told us while painting.  The stories felt more important than making art.

We all have those artists who we admire for one reason or another.  Jesse is high on that list for me.  This book would be an excellent thing to put on your christmas lists.


  1. His eared heads and the wale are FABULOUS... My eye goes straight to the eye of the wale and then starts looking around. Great composition in his pages too! Maybe I should let him know instead of you... ;o)))

  2. I agree...this is a wonderful book. Maybe if I'm really good...Santa will think of me when giving out copies!!!

  3. Absolutely...he is amazingly prolific and Jesse! My Maya adores him and cannot wait to Artfest to take another class from him. And I, I am going to treat myself for my birthday to a workshop with Jesse in February here in Southern Cal...cannot wait...Lovooo, here is to another prolific artist who would probably vanish if she wouldn't

  4. Have i missed something Teesha??? Did you move your blog??? Did you say you were taking a break from blogging??? Anyway hope all is well and that you have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!! Hugs! deb

  5. I find that you are right on about the paint telling you what you are painting. So many times it is not really me but the paint and the brush and the total process that builds the painting. Most of my paintings now are "Art With A Voice" The painting is painted to the poem or the words come before the painting is finished.

  6. I got a book for christmas of his... but it is more like a coloring book of his doodles... although I am very against copying someones work, after seeing his style, your style, flora's ... my work has morphed into something that is so Freeing to me... I love not have to paint, collage..create by the you have all shown me: There are no rules!! ~ ( she Grins sheepishly...)
    YEAH!!! Thanks...for being YOU!!
    ~Totally a fan of yours...