Thursday, October 14, 2010

6 days of art workshops = bliss

I spent 6 days last week taking workshops from some of my favorite teachers.  It was so much fun.  This first class project was an LK Ludwig workshop.  I learned a new binding technique that I love.
 We had to paint the pages using a credit card.  It was incredibly messy but I do like the finished result.  She taught us how to work photographs into our journal.  I'm excited to play with the photographs more.
 This journal will be focused on trees.  All these photos are ones that Tracy took.  I think they are beautiful and wanted to give them a place of honor.
The binding is like coptic binding but much easier.  Fun class.
 This was a Karen Michel class that I took with one of my bestest friends, Sarah Greener.  It was super fun, not messy!, and rewarding.  Karen is one of those light filled beings that shines very brightly.
 Karen adds found objects to her mini compositions which is really cool.  I hadn't brought the right stuff to class so used what I collage sheets.
 The sequins add sparkle which you can't see here...but I love using them.
 This was a class taught by the amusing Tory Brokenshire where I learned to work with wire, form an armature and I learned how to solder.  This isn't finished and I need to back the wings with a translucent paper.  I LOVED soldering.  Will be playing around with it more!  Tory had the class in stitches the whole time.  She is a great teacher who doesn't take herself too seriously.  my kind of girl!
 This was a crystal neubauer workshop where I learned a different type of soldering, more wire working and encaustic papers.  These will eventually be necklaces.  I might use this encaustic paper technique for the wings above.  You should go to her website to see her work.  It's way cooler than what I did here.
 I finally decided to take a class in the medium I adore...journaling.  I learned a lot in this one from judy Wise.  She uses way more paint than I do, but now I'm hooked.  I realized I can flip back and forth by just using a few sheets of wax paper between the pages.
 Of course, these pages are not done...but very good starts for future projects.
 more of that credit card painting again.  I'm not usually fond of messy pages like this, but see that they provide a good energy to the composition.  The pocket above holds a letter I was to write to my inner child.  what came out was from my spirit guide.  that's always exciting.
 I had to paint a face upside down then write about my first art experience I can remember.
having fun with monoprinting.
This last workshop was also taught by Judy Wise.  She is fabulous and I love her dearly.  We had to work with sculpey (which I loathe).  I didn't read the class description very well.  Was thinking it was paper clay.  But I tried my best in class and although wonky, it was fun.

All in all, I was completely energized at the end of the 6 days and wanted more...but alas I have work to do.  I definitely plan on working more art time into my schedule however.  I need to play more.  It was so much fun to not be in charge of ANYTHING for a change at an art retreat.  But it also really made me want to teach again too.  

Friday, October 01, 2010

Artfest Annex website up!

We have linkage finally!  thanks to tiphoni, my fabulously talented web designer and daughter who's been working 'round the clock on this for us!  Right now you can only link through this blog.  Soon there will be linkage through and in a few days, we'll have linkage from

my teapot

I was asked to participate in a silent auction for Art & Soul (happening next week in Portland) by adding my art to a teapot.  This is the end result.  I'm pretty happy with it.  I wish the photos showed the fabulous creamy white, silverish, irridescent paint I used.  It's yummy.