Friday, August 20, 2010

6x8 journal

Here is my latest journal and the reason I am suddenly having a love/hate relationship with journaling lately.  I LOVE the 6x8 size for ease of fitting into my purse and those tiny round coffee house tables.  I hate the size because there isn't enough room to do anything I like on the pages. 
These top 2 images are the covers to this journal.  It is actually a poster that came in one of my henrick drescher books...don't really know which one.  I have been adding more and more doodles everytime I sit down to work in it.
not enough room to put a middle image inside the borders so I just put it over the borders.
 sure wish my neon colors would show up on the web.  they are subtle on the page but make a huge difference.
certainly not my best pages I've done...
so this page and the last 2 are still unfinished.  I did these 3 while teaching in cleveland.  Because of the size of the class, I demo'd an actual page to 3 different groups.  I have to say I LOVE these because they seem to have a raw energy to them that came out when I was working fast and not thinking about anything...or really caring much if they came out good.

I'll repost these when I get some text on them and finish them up.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

demeng app

I was blown away today when I saw an email from one of my good friends, Michael deMeng showing his brand new iphone app.  On it, he lists 19 recipes for paint mixes to achieve his amazing look he does on his assemblages.  He also lists a bunch of cocktail recipes from his bartending days.  Had to have it if only for the recipe for undead red (sookie) color.  ;)  Demeng rocks and this is just one more reason why.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Artfest 2011 is registering!

I painted these about a month or so ago but didn't want to post them.  Not my best work!!!  But didn't have anything else to post.  :)

btw...Artfest 2011 is now online and registering!