Thursday, July 29, 2010

something fun.

Went to the Bellevue Arts Fair last weekend and bought this necklace from . The image is actually a piece of tin from an old lunchbox.  Was going to buy the Burt (burt and ernie) necklace and then she brought this one out and that was that.  I'm still trying to decide if I want to remove the darker chain and replace it with sterling silver or leave as is.  it's been bugging me.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

having fun this weekend

I was inspired by Denise Litchfield in the Summer issue of "Stuffed" magazine. Hers are way cuter and way smaller, but I wanted to play with the idea.
this little guy is smaller.  I used thrift store kids clothing.

This is journal #3 in our collaborative journal series.  I had the idea of piecing together the printed tin and tracy worked from about 9pm-2am this morning playing around with the idea.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

cleveland class

These two pics show the journals and journaling done by my students.  
Just got back from teaching in cleveland.  Ginny Carter had set the whole thing up and half the reason I said yes was because I wanted to catch up with my long time friend.  Her house was amazing...something you would see on the street of dreams.  She had us over and made dinner for us along with Michael and Chris Meador, 2 other long time friends that are dear to us.  Ginny served Pimm's cup cocktails with peaches and plums in it along with a fabulous dinner.  Apparently Pimm's is extremely hard to find in the states, so this was very special.  She has a blog that has more shots from the class.  My class was wonderful and everyone was courageous to explore strange new territories.  My students always surpass anything I've done and I always leave feeling so proud of them.

inspiration from las vegas

Sitting in Cleveland recently, waiting for our flight home to seattle, we heard on the loud speaker that they were looking for a couple volunteers willing to change their flight.  We volunteered and were offered first class to las vegas, a 4-hour delay, then first class to seattle (not to mention the $600 in vouchers).  We hit the jackpot.  I've been entranced with architecture lately and many of the pics below show it.  These are random things seen on our whirlwind tour in vegas.  oh and by the way...tracy won $400 on a slot machine as he was walking by.
a restaurant at the Aria (a new casino in the "city centre")
I just loved this wall display
This is one of my most favorite shots.  It's a light under the swirling water.
what I wouldn't give to have this sculpture in my backyard.
this and the blue spikes below are dale chihuly
I'm in love with this tipping type of architecture.  We have some in Seattle and it makes me happy everytime I see it.
in my next life, I think I want to be an architect.
the inside of an elevator in the "oriental mandarin hotel".  The wood was just beautiful and the etched metal...YUMMY.
interesting restaurant in the "crystal" shopping mall close to Aria.
window display.  I may have to get me some ping pong balls and have some fun making something to hang in my studio.
This was a LONG staircase that used real slices of agate and then was backlit!  It was amazing.
They had a stand of all these tubes with water swirling.  I've always thought water is more beautiful that practically anything!
Gigantic metal trees were incredible.
I believe these flowers were made from chocolate.
Aria Casino is a feast for the eyes.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

running off to cleveland

As I run off to teach my last journaling class (I won't say ever, but....), I thought I'd throw up some more pages I've been doing lately.  These are all 8x10's (except the flaps).  But I recently made a new journal for this trip (since we journal a TON when we travel) that is 6x8 and so far I am totally LOVING the new size.  It is all loaded up with collage, so I have a bunch of pens I am taking with me.  should be fun!  OH...and ps.  I talk about pantone universe pens on one of my pages.  It says I like them but I don't.  As you can see they aren't very vivid.  Don't waste your money on them.  Copics are way better.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

more cool fabric art

Leslie Rosenberg watched my videos and then made these purses and sent me these pics.  Clearly she has talent in this medium but I am still very happy I could inspire such wonderfulness.