Monday, June 28, 2010

Stuff recently on my camera

I unloaded my camera and these were on it.  starting at the top, the top three are in and around Talouse Petit Restaurant in lower queen anne (seattle).  Momo (the next 2) is a cute little shop on Jackson in the ID district.  The cubby hole piece sits behind their counter and is filled with gifts from customers.  The next 3 shots are from DIG, a garden store over on vashon island.  I thought these were awesome garden ideas.  The beach shots just really spoke to me.  I love to see trees in all forms...I think every aspect of them are just beautiful.  and lastly, I just really loved the name of this restaurant and think the font they used was brilliant.  Ooba Tooba is in bellevue and is yummy goodness.

GOOD book

I love Carla Sonheim and her work.  Her work is simple and yet complex, straighforward but has deeper meaning or messages just like her.  I have always seen her as an original artist who was dancing to her own beat which is why she has been a teacher at artfest for years.  In this day and age when we are all inspired by so many artists, she always stood out to me as just influences (that I could detect) from the latest issue of somerset magazine, for instance.  I'm thrilled to finally get to see her new book (which I have a couple doodles in).  I took a 3-day workshop from her and just like her drawings, she took me back to the simple pleasures of creating for the sheer joy of it and truly playing without thinking of the outcome.  In the end, I learned alot and remembered alot that I had forgotten all these years.  I  am inspired after reading through this book to get back to drawing everyday...(notice the lapse in my drawing journal pages lately?).

By the way, she still has some space in her workshops at Journalfest happening this october too.  She is a fabulous teacher and this book really is worth having on your bookshelf.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Saturday, June 05, 2010

cool ipad apps

OK.  SO...I didn't exactly feel like telling the world I got an ipad but Tracy and I are celebrating our 28th anniversary and were feeling a little mischievous the other day.  We went to the apple store for something else and ended up playing around with the ipads...which, btw, we both convinced ourselves that we didn't need or want.  I started goofing around with the photo apps and it was all over for me.  I wanted one.  Meanwhile, Tracy was looking at some comic book apps among other things and getting that same twinkle in his eye that I had.  We decided we would buy each other one for our anniversary (and just stay home and eat soup this year).  We have been having fun with them ever since.  SO...if you happen to have one, I thought I'd review a few cool apps.  The top photo is my journal page...unaltered (for reference).  #2 is photogene (highly recommended).  #3 is Touch FX (highly recommended).  #4 is  Typedrawing (something I absolutely will use).  #5 is TiltshiftGen (would look better on photos). #6 is Filterstorm (not so crazy about...not as intuitive).
Here are 2 more apps worth mentioning.  pictures #1,2 are from Harmonious (an app that had me captivated for nearly an hour).  Click on them to make them bigger so you can see.  btw, the app Qvik sketch is very similiar but not as good.  pics #3, 4 are made with Silhouettes (I am SO going to be turning some of my images into stamp carvings with this app!).  I see the value with b/w zine making too. you NEED an ipad.  NO.  Especially if you know photoshop and all those other great computer programs.  For me, they always mystify me and leave me feeling more stupid than I did before.    These apps are fun and super user friendly.  btw...we bought the cheaper wi-fi version.  I won't be using it while I am out and about, so no need for 3g.  something to think about since you would have to sign up for 3g service (an extra expense).

By the way...I've been digging MyNetDiary for keeping track of weight, diet and exercise  and I use Numbers for keeping track of my budget (which was being done on paper before).  That's it.  I'm not into games or watching tv or movies on it.  But it will be well used.

Artfest logo / theme?

I think this is it.  The artfest 2011 logo.  It feels so weird writing 2011.  where did the time go.  I mean seriously?!  Anyway...been trying to work on other logo ideas but nothing else is clicking with me (this isn't 100% either but...out of the rest...). Is it too cute?  I think that is my problem with it.  

Anyway...based on this logo, what could be a theme that ties in that you could wrap your mind around?  (i.e. feathered friends, pale freckled eggs, imaginary plants, etc.) or just have the logo and no theme.  I used to go themeless for artfest but it seemed people like one for their trades and gallery pieces.  Anyway, I'm all ears.