Sunday, May 30, 2010

views around the loft

I didn't bring many books up to the loft, but these 2 shelves represent stuff that inspires me right now.

Just found this rolling cart at an antique mall.  After the 40% off sale they were having, I got it for $15.  Works great to take my supplies anywhere I need them.
closer view of my goodies.
finally got some shelving up for easy access to more supplies.
Tiphoni (my order manager) is all set up in her little room for orders.  This is the coolest is up 2 stairs so she can look out into the loft but you can't see what is in this room from below.
I found this really cool fabric store in the Renton Highlands (if you live close to renton and love fabric and trims from India mainly this place is amazing!!!!! and cheap).  Fabrics For Less on 2810 NE Sunset Blvd. (closed mondays). Anyway...I wanted the option of privacy at night so I made these curtains.  The fabric is a beautiful luminiscent pearl white with a flocked black design.  
This is my favorite type of lighting.  I have these same lights strung up in my studio at home too.  Not the prettiest things, but fairly cheap for how much light you get.  I go get the utilitarian clamp lights from home depot and then buy the halogen lights for them.  We had this sign hanger that we used to use when we did rubber stamp shows.  I actually think it is made to hang lights from.  We bought it from 15 years ago and it works great for what we need now.  And I covered the tables with vinyl that I bought from the fabric store so we don't have to worry about messes.

Puffy frames

Those of you were asking about my puffy frames, I have some info for you.  They are made by Working Class Studio and come in different colors.  You can probably do a search for a place that sells them.  They are called "Puffy frames".  Oh and the cute sock doll was made by Syd McCutcheon.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

fruits of my videos.

Roberta from Groveland, MA made this after watching my fabric videos.

This was made by Annie from the Netherlands.  I am just thrilled to see this work that came from the videos.  

Saturday, May 15, 2010

update on loft

alot of you were asking to see the loft in progress.  it's slow going, but this is how it looks right now.
the frames on both walls are printed on fabric and stuffed.  I know I want to put something in them but am kinda diggin' them empty too.  haven't decided.


I'm finding that I don't want much in my new space.  I want it to remain spare and condusive to painting/journaling.  I want it to be a calm place without too much around.  am still working on unpacking and figuring it all out but am in no hurry.  The table space is grand.  each of the 3 tables are 3-1/2' x 6-1/2' and has a small hole space for a powerstrip (under the grey panel).  I got these at Ikea and can raise the legs if I want a standing workspace.  Super cool.  I'm not diggin' my old orange sectional up there, but it wasn't being used anymore so I figured why not.  Now that it is up there, I don't have the heart to have the guys lug it back home again.  oh well.  will update again in about a month when it is all nice and messy with paint and canvases...!

Thursday, May 13, 2010


This little guy was a stencil I saw downtown seattle on one of my walks.  It was only about 6 inches tall.
Tracy found this in Portland on a recent trip and HAD to have it (it was a killer deal...we think the store owner was high or something).  Not really sure what to do with it now, but Tracy is beyond thrilled.
I couldn't believe it when I received an email from one of my favorite artists (janne robberstad) that I had won something!  I never win fact it is so bad that Tracy won't even let me stand by him in las vegas because it's clear that I change his luck.  So this was exciting.  Included was a Janne designed mousepad, mirror, music, self adhesive velvet trim, an embroidered face that I will certainly incorporate into something, hand printed papers and more!  and it all came from norway!

So I know that I have a food blog and I should have posted this there, but I have more readers here.  ;-)  I am just CRAZY about this new bean company Rancho Gordo (well, new to me).  The beans are out of this world, easy to cook and delicious in so many recipes.  Here, I just made a miropaux of carrot, celery, onion and garlic, sauteed in olive oil and then cooked with the beans for a couple hours.  Everyone needs to eat more beans and this guy is the one to buy them from.

Monday, May 03, 2010