Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Lettering class

One of my very good friends, Lisa Engelbrecht, lettering artist extraordinaire, (and authored an awesome book on modern calligraphy and hand lettering), is coming to Seattle for thanksgiving weekend, so we decided to set up a fun & easy but super cool lettering workshop at the annex.  We can only take 15 students and already have 5 signed up, so email me asap if you want to come.  more class info here.


  1. Artist11:05 PM

    Hi Teesha,
    You just reminded me, I've been meaning to ask. Can you recommend some books on fonts, typography etc?


  2. I adore letters/fonts/alphas - whatever they may be called - since i was a little kid.. I sure wish I could be there... sorry, Europe is just a little too far away... bummer! Enjoy the class!