Wednesday, July 21, 2010

inspiration from las vegas

Sitting in Cleveland recently, waiting for our flight home to seattle, we heard on the loud speaker that they were looking for a couple volunteers willing to change their flight.  We volunteered and were offered first class to las vegas, a 4-hour delay, then first class to seattle (not to mention the $600 in vouchers).  We hit the jackpot.  I've been entranced with architecture lately and many of the pics below show it.  These are random things seen on our whirlwind tour in vegas.  oh and by the way...tracy won $400 on a slot machine as he was walking by.
a restaurant at the Aria (a new casino in the "city centre")
I just loved this wall display
This is one of my most favorite shots.  It's a light under the swirling water.
what I wouldn't give to have this sculpture in my backyard.
this and the blue spikes below are dale chihuly
I'm in love with this tipping type of architecture.  We have some in Seattle and it makes me happy everytime I see it.
in my next life, I think I want to be an architect.
the inside of an elevator in the "oriental mandarin hotel".  The wood was just beautiful and the etched metal...YUMMY.
interesting restaurant in the "crystal" shopping mall close to Aria.
window display.  I may have to get me some ping pong balls and have some fun making something to hang in my studio.
This was a LONG staircase that used real slices of agate and then was backlit!  It was amazing.
They had a stand of all these tubes with water swirling.  I've always thought water is more beautiful that practically anything!
Gigantic metal trees were incredible.
I believe these flowers were made from chocolate.
Aria Casino is a feast for the eyes.


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  2. Woo hoo! What a feast for the eye!

  3. Oooooh thanks for the fabulous tour of City Center. I live in Vegas but haven't been down to see it yet and now I feel like I already have!

    How great that the airlines treated you so well for a little inconvenience!

  4. Oh my goodness...the agate steps and the blue water tornado are exquisite. Can you imagine an entire home that was filled with art inspired by nature? I feel serene just thinking about it...

  5. I've always thought if you had the time and didn't have to worry about connections, it would be great to take advantage of those offers to give up your seat. Looks like it was worth it and you made an extra $400!!
    Great Las Vegas tour!!

  6. WOW

    Who knew that there was such beautiful stuff in Las Vegas. I thought it was all show girls and "Frank Sinatra" :)

    YOu take great photos Teesha!

  7. You and Tracy may have hit the Jackpot, but I just did, too, now. I LOVE your photography. I think I said, "wow" ten times. And I need to go there.

  8. I love the architecture! The pics make me want to get to Vegas even sooner. Thanks for sharing Teesha.

  9. it's like a different planet or something! totally unreal and otherworldly! thanks for the tour!

  10. Wow, so many amazing things.

    Glad that giving up your seats paid off so well. Talk about great kama.

  11. OMG! You know I always think I never want to go to Las Vegas, but these photos make me want to go just to take photos!!! So many surprising ways to use materials in new ways, I love it! You and Tracy were born under some very lucky stars! So glad I got to meet you in person and learn so much about the process of visual journaling. I think I need a new camera, lol...

  12. sweet photos, lucky slots(O: & creativity oozes from this post Teesha. You have an eye for spectacular things!!! I love the wall of vino!

  13. WOW!!!!!! what else could I even say?

  14. These are awesome Teesha! I guess you did hit the jackpot!


  15. you not only hit the jack pot with volunteering (surrender to the unknown) but I did as well, (Blindly stepping forward ready for surprizes) These photos are amazing and to everone I found myself saying, "Amen! YES, WOW! Amazing!'

  16. Wonderful inspiring photos, geez, I feel like heading out to Vegas. Crazy eye candy. Plus such a fun time, you lucky peeps :-)