Saturday, April 10, 2010

erin faith allen interview with me has just published an interview she did with me on her blog.  I love her work as seen here.


  1. great interview teesha. you have influenced so many and continue to be such an inspiration through your art and your attitude. bravo!!

  2. pink makes me happy too! (my daughter just found a beautiful "flamingo-ish" pink acrylic paint yesterday....)
    enjoyed the interview immensely, especially where you discuss how anything went into your initial journals: good or bad because it was a journal. kind of gives me freedom from my own inhibition when you said that.
    hoping to do ft. worden in october as i'm in gig harbor. i would love to learn more from you. the interview revealed quite a talented, sensitive & soulful person. thanks for sharing it...:)

  3. I just finished reading your interview and I must say it was so fun to read, it would have been more fun to hear your voice! What is it about is my favorite too. I say it is a color on God can know, like the pink in a sunset...something about that color that speaks to me. I am one of those people who when I saw your work said, "I want to do that!" Thanks for your talent and for sharing it with outhers.