Friday, October 30, 2009

how-to: 16 page journal

we did it!  we only bought a video camera 3 years ago to make videos on how we do stuff and finally just jumped in and did it....(I hope).  I'm posting this to see if it works and isn't too big, etc.

book list 4

I always have people tell me that the part they miss most about my magazines I used to publish was the book recommendations.  First of all, I don't buy books nearly as much as I used to...but I did manage to look around the house and find a few gems to share with you.  The first is just a big picture book for big people.  I love charley hopper's work and his first book was bigger and WAY more expensive (original edition can still be found at anthropology)...but why when you can now get a reprint for about $30.

super cool jesse reno has many books he's published.  Get them all!  Trust me!

About 8 years ago, we had a teacher come to artfest who had this super cool, pieced together, sweater that both my mom and I flipped over.  She said it was made by Crispina Ffrench who was really only working for a small shop on the east coast.  She kindly explained to my mom how she made it but we really never sat down to actually do it.  She finally wrote a book that I knew I had to have.  For anyone who likes making their own clothes, this one has great ideas for using old sweaters to make new sweaters.

book list 3

I found this at Anthropology and it was too much money for me, so I left without buying it.  I kept thinking about it for days and decided I needed it.  After searching the internet for it, I finally had to go back to the store to buy it.  Thank goodness they still had a copy left.  I love cookbooks but this one was designed by a killer graphic artist which just makes it even more delicious.

one of the recipes
another page...
crazy weird recipes too...

book list 2

who doesn't love sara fanelli?  I have all her books to date.  this is the newest.

and who doesn't love jamie oliver?  although this is a creepy picture of him, I love this cookbook.  He includes a photo with every recipe.  gotta love that.

This art tends to be on the 60's-ish side of design.  I bought it because I love it and knew my daughter would glean inspiration from it too.  I'm a huge fan of graphic design books....HUGE!

book list 1

if you like stitching, either by machine or hand, this is a good book.
Lots of good inspirations in these pages.  I have participated in collaborative journals for the past 10 years and they are always a source of frustration (deadlines), community (nourishing), and exciting inspiration (seeing original work).

Rice Freeman Zachary finally reeled me in to participate in a book (I always turn down offers in the interest of time)...and this turned out to be a really good book I am proud of being a part of.

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Well, I am home from the first ever Journalfest that happened up in port townsend and it went better than expected.  The group of 150 was super cool and seemed to all be so happy with their workshops and just being there.  The event started with sun and a rainbow and ended with the most beautiful fuschia pink sunrise I've ever seen there.  In between we had mostly sun, some ferocious wind and the rain came only at night when we were all tucked into our rooms.  The temp. remained around 50.  We hired the band Surrealized to play while we were journaling and partying and they were AMAZING.  I got a lump in my throat when they started playing because the energy that filled up the room was so rich and deep and nourishing.  I think it was the music mixed with the vibes of all the attendees who had been in classes for the last 3 days. But it was powerful stuff.  Even the band mentioned feeling the energy and said they just fed off the amazing energy and played intuitively.  The size was perfect and I will be keeping it to 150 next year.  Tracy had made these big prints of my journal pages and then cut out the faces so people could take their photos in them.  Needless to say, they were a hit (this is tiphoni and one of our helpers, matthew steele).  Everyone that came was amazing and warm and beautiful and creative and friendly....and when tracy and I left the grounds this morning, we commented at what a great life we have.

Friday, October 16, 2009

My amazing husband

My husband Tracy is having his first show of his fabulous lomography photo shots at Rain (a sushi restaurant on 45th ave. in wallingford) in Seattle.  He has spent alot of time in this restaurant and has amassed a lot of great shots of the owners, sushi chefs, waiters and customers as well as other shots of friends from artfest and other things we do.  It will be up for 2 months.  He's already sold quite a few of them right off the wall.  I'm proud of him.  btw...these shots were not digitaly changed in any way.  they were all taken with his lomo cameras that he LOVES.

I love graffiti

Came across this graffiti by artists and craftsman supply in seattle and had to shoot it.  I'd love to learn this trade.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Wu Wei

I came across the following on the internet and I really connected with it. I love it when I can find articles that put into words what I can't. (oh and the above is a crazy lamp that sits on my desk and has nothing to do with the following...)
Doing by Not Doing
by Owen Waters
This week, we'll explore another aspect of Taoist philosophy. It's an even bigger brain teaser called Wu Wei (pronounced "Woo-Way"), which is about "doing by not doing." And, strangely enough, it's the secret to getting things done! This philosophy says that, when nothing is done, nothing is left undone. When I first encountered this stark contradiction I became seriously worried about my brain cells short-circuiting and melting. In fact, the more I thought about it, the more convinced I became that I was starting to smell smoke coming out of my ears. Later, at an older and riper age, I began to see the idea behind the apparent contradiction. The alternative translation of "action without effort" instead of "doing by not doing" helped to clarify the original idea. I came to realize that if, instead of trying to make something happen by the usual efforts of planning, willpower and determination, you go within and see the action accomplished, then something very different happens. The action doesn't mysteriously become accomplished by magic or by non-effort, but you experience a state of flow which enables you to move through the task with ease, grace and incredible efficiency. A leading light in positive psychology today is Hungarian- American professor Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. (In case you're wondering, his last name is pronounced, "Cheek-sent-me-high-ee.") His focus on happiness and creativity led to the concept of FLOW, which is a state of concentration or complete absorption in an activity. He points out that developing a state of flow leads to higher skill development and the ability to meet higher challenges within a chosen field. The message of the Tao is to develop exactly such a state of flow and to do it by developing deeper states of inner awareness. The easiest way to invoke a state of flow, therefore, is to go within, attune with your inner being and the intended task, then come out into the world of action and carry out your intuitive guidance every step of the way until the task is completed. In a state of flow, the action is guided from within and the doer virtually vanishes into the deed. The key to creating the desired state of flow is that, because your inner being is fully attuned with the universe, you can then act in a manner which is perfectly aligned with all other circumstances related to your work. This is how synchronicity happens and coincidences become commonplace in your life. People, ideas and materials all come together at the exact right time and in the right place because flow is an orchestration of the many, not just the one. You can be the main person conducting the work, but the universe responds to your inner connection and brings to you everything that you need with effortless coincidence. The message of Wu Wei is that there is a time and a place for everything to come together for effortless achievement. By intending a goal and connecting with your inner being, you start the creation of that perfect time and place by attracting all the resources you need to achieve the goal. Then, by acting exactly when the energy feels right, you express the flow of ideas and energy which pour forth from your inner being. Achievement becomes effortless, and the realm of being has become manifest in the world of action. You will have achieved success by alignment with the inner realm of 'not doing.'

Saturday, October 10, 2009

amazing art show in berlin

my friend, Carol Peringer sent me this amazing story. I find it so heart warming when art can bring 1.5 million people together. you gotta see all the pics.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

had way too much fun.

Went to Art & Soul in Portland last weekend to take some classes.  This was a class taught by Judy Wise that involved wax, paint and collage.  I LOVED it as I loved all the classes (see below) and got so much out of each one of them.  I came home so jazzed and full of  ideas that I can't wait to get journalfest out of my hair so I can just paint and paint for days.

Thought I'd show you a small sampling of what Tracy made in his workshops.  He learned enameling (and went crazy over the technique) from Richard Salley as well as worked with resins and other metal working with Susan lenart Kazmer.  I got a cool ring and an awesome bracelet out of it.

Stephanie Lee's class

I made this for my daughters boyfriend who is coming from new york in 2 weeks to help us out at Journalfest.  It is Trista when she was about 15.  She has always put these dots along her eyebrows (used to do it with sticky earrings when she was 3).  After showing this to a friend, she said that the only time that eastern indian women put marks on their faces like this is when they are getting married.  
This piece isn't finished.  Can't decide what to put by his fingers.
This is also not finished yet.  It was my girls last halloween being goofy.  I've never been the sentimental type but I LOVE making these pictures of people I love.

workshops at art & soul

I took a class from Lisa Kaus on the last day and by that time I was done having one more person tell me what to I did my own thing.  One of my BFF's who was taking the class with me (sarah greener) gave me the eyes so I HAD to use them.  This piece isn't done yet.

These last 2 pictures were from a 2-day workshop with Misty Mawn.  These are far from  finished and measure 7x20.  when done I will have a 20 panel journal. 

The Kennedy School

One of the days we were in workshops, Tracy wisked me away for lunch at McMenamins Kennedy School...a super cool place with art in every nook and cranny.  we're definitely staying here next time we're in portland.

Jesse's studio

We recently ran down to portland to take some workshops at Art & Soul and Jesse Reno invited us to his studio when we got into town so of course, we took him up on it.  This guy is the real deal.  He has over 200 paintings lining the walls along with various other painted an electric guitar he was working on.  He's amazing but completely unpretentious. project

Tamara (with Zinnia's) invited me to participate in her project.  This was my submissions.