Sunday, July 19, 2009

5 of 5

this morning I woke up at 6am and decided to go outside and journal on the patio.  Everyone else slept (trista is living at home right now) in until 10, so I had 4 hours of uninterrupted bliss.  I managed to finish off 5 journal pages.  As Tracy and I are working in larger and larger journals, we have realized that they don't scan on a regular scanner.  Buying a bigger one is $1000 on up.  He got the brilliant idea to scan the pages in on our color copier (his business leases one).  He was able to scan them and email them to himself.  It worked!  woohoo.  what this means is that we can now offer some of them as prints...which I will work on getting up on my website soon.

4 of 5

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a couple more shots

so this area still needs a little more organizing but it is a vast improvement from what it was.  and I should finish renovating the arch I've had for 15 years...
just another shot across the front of my studio.  right side is for art.  left side is for paperwork.  thanks for all the comments on my previous post.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

finally finished my big summer project

So...about 2 weeks before fiberfest, around the middle of june, I got a wild hair to start downsizing my supplies.  I started packaging up beads and baubles and fabric into bags and priced them at garage sale prices.  They were wildly popular at fiberfest and I was able to clean out and make a little cash at the same time.  Well, that purge of stuff (which covered eight 8' tables) made me come home and continue to wipe my studio bare of all clutter sitting on my desks, hanging on the walls, filling my cubbyhole bookcases, etc.
Tracy kept asking if I was having fun in my "sterile doctor's office" since it was so bare.  He was right.  It felt good to be clean but I needed it to look warm again.  so this morning I started by writing on my wall with a gigantic sharpie poster paint pen.  I filled it in with some graffitti paint pens.
After that I remembered I had bought a bunch of wallpaper awhile back so I picked out a roll and cut a bunch of strips the length of my windows.  we ran to the hardware store to pick up a wallpaper trough and got a lecture on the fact that it was SO 10 years ago from the hardware guy.  weird.  whatever...he didn't sway my enthusiasm.  I came home and hung it.
then I made some new curtains since I didn't want to take down the rods.  Since I got rid of 98% of my fabric I was in a little bit of a panic but managed to find some colors that clash (but clash is good in my book).
I wanted clean, but warm and inviting.  I like it, but holy cow, am I exhausted.  Another thing I did that feels so fresh and clean is that I cleared out everything that was on the floor.  I had boxes and boxes and boxes of stuff crammed under every single table and desk I have.  Clearing it made a huge difference.  just wish I had taken some "before" shots.  

Friday, July 17, 2009

journal schmournal

I played around on these pages recently at our journaling retreat up at the fort.

This page is an homage to my hands which have been hurting lately (arthritus and other things) so I am placing my intention for them to feel better.  so far it has been working.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

barron storey show

So I was following some of the links of the people who left comments about my journal pages and came back across Seth's fabulous blog.  Reading down through it, I was amazed to discover that one of my all time favorite journal artists, Barron Storey is having a show in new york right now until the end of july.  100 of his journals are on display to be handled and looked through.  Talk about a rare opportunity!  I had no idea that Barron even had a blog!  Thanks Seth!!!