Friday, April 24, 2009

some art finally.

I finally finished a painting last night.  made a new journal and wanted a painted cover for a change.   it was fun but a challenge!

Tracy took this photo of me and my mosaic I made at artfest.  Katherine England let me come during the last 20 minutes of class to get a speed lesson.  That night I did it in about 1-1/2 hrs.  then the next day I popped in, in the afternoon to find out how to finish it.  I am so proud of this...I've been wanting to learn mosaic for years.  

I posted this journal page quite a few posts ago...but since came back to it and worked it some more.  I really like it now.
I'm liking this just as it is...but feel like it isn't finished.  
another page in all started with the bed I found in a decorating's always doom when I actually like a page...makes it hard to finish it 

more from Vashon

mmm...wonder if they have some coffee?  they did but it wasn't so good...their pastries looked yummy though!
I found these homemade noodles (made with favorite weed to eat) and couldn't resist the packaging and their do-it-yourself country charm.  they are wrapped in a piece of parchment paper.

KVI point on Vashon Island

This is Sophie's favorite spot to run...KVI point on Vashon Island.  She hasn't been able to come here for 2 years while she has been healing from a leg surgury, but finally today was the day.
we were the only ones on the beach for a good 2 hours...right at low tide.  

someone must have been practicing for the tv show, survivor.  I tried to see if it was wobbly.  it wasn't.
my stash of rocks and driftwood for some future project.  recognize the bag traci lampie?

Thursday, April 23, 2009

more costumes

how strange...ever since I saw that youtube video, I can't get costumes off my mind and see them all over the place...this was in seattle yesterday ...bagmonster...

watch this

Austin TV / Shiva from Alberto CerriteƱo on Vimeo.

so this guy is super cool. I am trying to get him to teach at artfest. Alberto CerriteƱo Blog

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

how I celebrated earth day

I stopped ordering CSA boxes awhile back but decided to start getting them again in celebration of earth day.  I got my first box today and boy did it feel good starting this back up again.
this was the box contents for this week.  all organic...all very fresh. a feast for the senses.
nature is the biggest inspiration.
tracy had these sugar snap peas gone in a snap.
and I couldn't resist the strawberries.
happy earth day, momma earth.  

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


was thinking that we could have a costume fashion show at artfest! anyone up for that?

Saturday, April 18, 2009

new pages

my fabulous life

I am sorry for not blogging for awhile.  Artfest took a good chunk of my time, then we had a house full of guests for a week.  Anyway...I'm back to my normal life again. 
tracy took me to the first day of the issaquah farmers market this morning and bought me a dozen red tulips.
I found some fun stuff at Anthropology the other day.  These things make me happy just looking at them while I cook.
I bought one thing at the artfest vendor night (was trying to save my pennies)...but couldn't resist this fabulous papier mache piece from katie kendrick