Wednesday, March 18, 2009

day three

we worked with fabric on day 3...I kinda was a rebel and did my own thing.
This is Carla finally sitting down on the 3rd day to make something with us. See below for more information on this fun workshop.

day two

done on clayboard (which I love working on)
done on wood with only watercolor and gesso.
had to make 3 different squiggled lines with red, yellow & blue watercolor and then find a shape somewhere in there and pull it out.
same as above.
these are from day two of my workshop with Carla Sonheim

day one of workshop

picasso dog...
we had to find an animal out of random brush strokes.
without picking up your pencil, draw a pig
without picking up your pen, draw an elephant
these are just a few of the exercises from day 1 of Carla Sonheim's workshop.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

thought you'd like to see

I just got in an order I placed for stuff to sell at artfest...these are some of the fun things I just couldn't resist. Had to keep one of the dolly chandeliers. will be selling the other one. couldn't we make something like that with dollar store dollies???

Sunday, March 08, 2009

new set of pelikans

While at our PLAy retreat, I saw using a set of pelikan watercolors and she made it look so fun. So since I have only ever used tube watercolors (and only for backgrounds), I decided to pick myself up a set (with my 40% coupon at aaron brothers). Today I decided to play around with them. Clearly, I need more practice with both the painting (and the drawing!!)...but I was hoping if I scanned it in, it might look better (it doesn't). But I have to say it was tons of fun...I like having a palette ready to go.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

cool mail art

You can tell it's artfiberfest registration time again. I love our small group that's as crazy about fabric as I am. This was made by