Tuesday, February 24, 2009

for project runway wanna-be's

this is a GREAT idea. Now we can play along when project runway comes back on again. LOL

Sunday, February 22, 2009

left brain creating

Yesterday I felt like left brain art. That means something where I don't think much. So this was a pattern I had bought along time ago for a "lunch bag" and it was easy and relaxing. The pattern was designed by Kimberly Gladman for www.favoritethings.net
Had to use my sushi fabric for the insides! of course!
This is a head that I bought years ago from the Outsider Art Museum in Baltimore and i continue to love it. The painting in the background is by the fabulous Carla Sonheim. www.carlasonheim.com

lazy sunday afternoon.

Am feeling tired today and in a mood of not doing a whole lot. Guess I have to remind myself that it is OK to just be and not DO all the time. So I took some close-ups of stuff around my studio. I guess that is still DO-ing. Maybe I'll go in and read.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

more good stuff

Cannot WAIT to use this adhesive tape in my journal.
I know, I know...it's not like me to use stuff like this. Especially Martha Stewart paper punches...but I love punching shapes out of random magazine pages and using in my journal. I thought the bird would be cool to punch a bunch of blue colored magazine images and put a ton of them flying around the pages in my journal. I'll show you soon.
I see stuff like this and I SO want to design for a company...
Still am not done with the whole woodland creatures fad. These are red flocked stickers.
I know...I need another rubber stamp like I need a hole in my head...should have left the wallet at home....

trouble at the craft store

Had an MRI yesterday of my knee. no biggie...doc thinks it's just a bone spur but the big machine freaked me out. Thankfully I did not have to go IN the machine all the way. I explained to the nurse I had extreme claustrophobia so if I had to go further in, it wasn't going to happen today. she assured me it wouldn't. anyway...I was so relieved to be out of there that I decided to take myself out to dinner, then to michael's, then the bookstore since tracy was at a lomo meet in seattle until the wee hours.
Had a "holy cannolli..." kind of moment when I saw some scrapbooking supplies I felt I needed to have. Not sure what I will do with them yet...but I am sure something will spring to mind soon.

Most of these things are from a line called "que sera" manufactured by K&Company. It looks suspiciously similiar to Anahata's style... www.anahatart.com which isn't so cool.

I tried to make something similiar to this a couple years ago...no way will I try it again. these are a bargain at 2.99.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

journal pages again

I'm playing in a new size of journal (8-1/2 x 11) and a new format of covering the background with collage and then collaging over that. Not sure if I like it.

This page isn't done. Something is going in the box...an alter reality...but not sure yet how to convey that in pictures.

current journal cover

The cover of my current journal. Made out of printed cardboard. I keep scribbling on it.
The back cover. I have an obsession with printed strapping tape and thought this would be a good place to keep a record of different ones I have before I use them up.

some shots from around the house

Tiphoni made these for tracy and me for christmas. She used some sort of crayola crayons made for fabric. The tall one was for me and the short one was for tracy.
My mom gave these to me for my birthday. She got them in Sweden. Each is really heavy. Not sure what they were for but I think they are really cool.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

felt thingies

Made these the other night while watching tv. they are made from felted wool. not sure what to do with them now though...here is one thing I did...but not sure if I like it stitched down. This will eventually be a journal cover.

my favorite artist

So, this was what I got from Tiphoni for my birthday. the colors on it are yummy in person. I am so impressed with her. she is doing a drawing a day on her blog, http://www.spontaneousbread.blogspot.com/. And she is truly my favorite artist. I can't wait for you to see what she did with my upcoming Journalfest website.

Liesel Lund's bag

OK...so Liesel had this bag that she had made for herself that she had brought to last years PLAY retreat and I couldn't get it off my mind for the past year. So I asked her if she would make me one. She agreed and I was blown away! It is way cooler than the one she made for herself and I love it SO much. http://liesel.typepad.com/ she's super cool.


Details from Liesel's bag

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


So, I decided I wanted to take the girls out to a new restaurant once a month. The first one was Poppy's last night. I forgot to take photos until eating stuff off my plate...guess I was too excited. Anyway...Poppy's was just opened by Jerry Traunfeld who authored a cookbook but was also the head chef for several years at the herbfarm restaurant ($200 a head for dinner). So, since I never got to go to the herbfarm, I was excited to try this place out (the above was $32). He was inspired by the Southern Indian style of eating where you have several small bowls on a tray...called Thali. Like a tasting menu all at once. Can't say we were blown away. the food seemed kinda bland...needed salt and more flavor. My favorite thing was the eggplant fries (appetizer) with salt and honey drizzled over. I'd probably return for just that. You can see the menu at http://www.poppyseattle.com/ . Anyway...I love the idea of it and I have liked the recipes I have made from his cookbook but wasn't thrilled with my dinner. Oh well. the company was divine, the waitress was delightfully quirky, and the presentation inspiring.

Sunday, February 08, 2009


I have to admit...these pictures make me giggle everytime I look at them. I did it using the built in camera on my new mac laptop. you gotta go see the website if you haven't yet. it's fun to play around with.

Friday, February 06, 2009

spontaneous bread

My daughter (who is also my webmaster for half my website...the good half) is finally trying to get some of her art up on a blog.
www.spontaneousbread.blogspot.com and