Wednesday, January 28, 2009

1000 journals movie

Guess what is finally available on dvd? The long awaited movie. Unfortunately Artfest didn't make an appearance in the movie itself but Andrea added a blurb about it in the "extras" section. The movie is fabulous and VERY much has the feeling that the project has. It's very "real" which is so refreshing. Highly recommended. to read more about it or to follow a link to buy it.

Friday, January 23, 2009

The Urgency of Now A friend just sent me this link. Apparently Obama has a new website and is going to address the nation every saturday on this site. I LOVE the fact that it will be coming directly from the white house without going through the newsroom. I LOVE LOVE LOVE our new president.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

my fabulous birthday weekend.

I thought I'd blog about my birthday...just for fun. It started on friday even though my birthday was saturday. Tracy took me into the seattle library to new favorite spot. I ran around taking shots of everything that I posted below. I heard that the seattle library is the most technologically advanced architecture in the nation. wow. anyway...we journaled there for about 2 hours, then took off for the pike st. fish fry. Had heard some raves about it, so I felt like an unfussy lunch. It didn't dissappoint. I got the calamari which were excellent but tracy's shrimp were to die for. the tartar is also really good...better than the aoili that usually gets the attention. Next stop was a store called "Home" I think...she didn't have a business card and I didn't write it down. We passed it while walking back to our car from the fish fry place. it was cool. Next stop was vivace coffee for some really good shots. can't beat 'em. more journaling. then we were off to uwajimaya's. Bought some books, new pens, and weird food. (you can see most of it below). After that we were starting to get a little hungry for a snack so we made a pit stop at king's BBQ (very close to uwaji's). Tom Douglas (premiere chef in seattle) recently mentioned in a newsletter that IT was the place to go for that sort of thing. Tracy went crazy for it. I'm just not a fan of meat but have to say it was good and tasty. So...we were sitting there in the car munching on bbq pork when tracy said..."we have to have hot mustard to go with it". so we drove up the street a little and found a small asian grocery store. I ran in to find him some and the craziest thing happened. They were playing "Happy birthday to you" over the sound system in the grocery store. and wasn't an elaborate set up by was purely coincidental. I have never heard that song being played as a soundtrack from a grocery store and probably never will went on to other songs sung in japanese (but the birthday song was in english). It was just the craziest thing to hear at the tail end of my birthday day in seattle. We went home after that and I got a crazy hair to move furniture around in the living room. Tracy usually moans and groans when I start thinking along those lines but he said "it's your birthday, I'll do whatever you want to do". So we started moving this and that and before we knew it, we had a really cool set up that was something new and fresh. But the new set-up required that we get one of those wall mount thingies for our tv. so the next morning we hit costco to get one and spent the rest of the day finishing what we started. It was fun. Tracy had one more surprise up his sleeve. christmas, we gave trista my vaio tiny laptop that tracy had bought for me a few years back. I'd used it in the house at night. My big computer sits upstairs in my studio. well...anyway...the amazingly small laptop was proving way too small for my old eyes to focus on, trista needed one that she could lug to classes and I didn't really think I needed one anymore inside the she got it at christmas (and was thrilled). In the meantime, I really was missing it. So, tracy took me last night into the apple store and bought me a mac laptop (I have only used pc's all my life but all my friends keep telling me to go mac). Well...I'm sold. I'm in love with mac already. So...all in all, it was the best birthday ever. I am meeting my parents and sister and her husband and the girls for birthday chinese food today at lunch and then we are all trekking over to see tiffany's new house she just started renting. It's really cute. built in the 50's and sits in the woods. she LOVES it and I'm glad to have her back from portland. is good and I'm happy to be 46 now.

my birthday day

the awe inspiring architecture at the seattle library

this is where we can see that natural light comes in overhead

view inside the seattle library from the tippy top looking down. I seriously got dizzy up there and carefully had to step back away. those white "sticks" below are rows of books.
so I had to take a shot of this standpipe. this is what tracy does....well, he used to install them (fire sprinkler systems) he just manages the guys who does the hard work.
the really cool floor. next time I'll bring crayons and do some rubbings!
stairs leading up to the red room.
the hallway that leads to all sorts of meeting rooms.

birthday day

part of the seattle public library
can be seen on the escalator. there is a weird soundtrack that you can hear as you go on by and the eye blinks and looks around. creepy and cool.
the architecture is amazing.
ate at the pike st. fish fry (right next to neumo's) and good. hey it's my birthday, so I indulged. the round thing on top of the calamari was a fried slice of lemon. I could have eaten an entire basket of just fried lemon slices.
the cooks at the fish fry who were explaining all the changes to the little space over the years. rockin chef's for sure!

birthday day

cool store on pike st. across from the fish fry place
some weird "dolls" on sale
a display in the uwajimaya store. you aren't suppose to take pictures in here and I got that look from a guy in the produce dept. after shooting this. I darted out the door quick.
king's bbq in chinatown. we had to try it after tom douglass recommended it. better than the kau kau!
popped into costco and saw these beautiful costumes.

birthday day

fun stuff I got from Uwajimaya's

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

tracy has a new blog

Yay...he finally has a blog.

having fun

These journals are about 8x11 and one of them has my good paper in it. the other 2 have brown grocery sacks as pages that I will be painting with gesso before I journal in it. I used cardboard from cereal boxes and other asst. cardboard packaging I found around the house.

These are smaller. the one with the lucky charms closure was simply made with 2 ventricular postcards that I like for the covers. the playing card box journal is one tracy made and has all sorts of odd papers for pages in it. we had so much fun looking around our house for cardboard to make journal out of! the pages are brown grocery sacks.

This was one of those small cereal boxes that I used as a case. the covers of the journals in it are all made out of cards that have been cut to 4-1/4 x 5-1/2 and bound with good paper.
this shows how I attached pieces to make a large enough cover. I have half the pages painted with gesso. Maybe I'll leave the rest unpainted to see how it is, journaling on them.
Sorry I haven't posted in a while. was busy with work. and to everyone who was concerned about us in the flooding, we escaped it. It was crazy that a few of you over on the east coast heard about the house on our road (may valley rd in issaquah) that got swept away. We actually know them...the gal used to babysit our girls (15 years ago). But we were safe and sound.
Hey...if anyone is interested, we just had 2 cancellations for our journaling retreat (PLAY) in port townsend at the end of this month. So...let me know if you are interested. We will be making journals like the ones above and other types and then learning all our journaling techniques. It's just 3 whole days from like 9am to 9pm (or later if you want) of pure creating. It's super fun. details are on my website, under "workshops"

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

lookie here

I just saw a posting on a blog that I forgot I submitted to. see it here: Catalyst Forty « creative Therapy I was so honored to have been invited!

Sunday, January 04, 2009

more journal pages

crazy holidays

With all the snow and the holidays and all the people that have been camping out at our house, It's been a crazy few weeks. I don't feel like myself lately. But I have been able to journal. If anyone has been trying to contact me via email, I will be back to work in full swing tommorrow (jan. 5th). But today I am catching up on some things like posting journal pages.