Thursday, October 08, 2009

Stephanie Lee's class

I made this for my daughters boyfriend who is coming from new york in 2 weeks to help us out at Journalfest.  It is Trista when she was about 15.  She has always put these dots along her eyebrows (used to do it with sticky earrings when she was 3).  After showing this to a friend, she said that the only time that eastern indian women put marks on their faces like this is when they are getting married.  
This piece isn't finished.  Can't decide what to put by his fingers.
This is also not finished yet.  It was my girls last halloween being goofy.  I've never been the sentimental type but I LOVE making these pictures of people I love.


  1. o wow! i used to do the exact same thing in highschool too! I used to use little rhinestones and circle them all the way down to my cheeks. How awesome! Love your work Teesha =)

  2. i like 'em. What are the pictures mounted on?

  3. Anonymous6:32 PM

    I love this one Teesha. Keep on doing this. pam

  4. Hi Teesha!
    You are way farther ahead on these than I am on mine! Although I am still vacationing in the Portland area so I have been unable to get to mine...soon, very soon!
    It was nice meeting you and I look forward to your information on teaching at Artfest 2011! Be sure to post your finished canvases from Stephanie's class! :)