Friday, October 30, 2009

book list 4

I always have people tell me that the part they miss most about my magazines I used to publish was the book recommendations.  First of all, I don't buy books nearly as much as I used to...but I did manage to look around the house and find a few gems to share with you.  The first is just a big picture book for big people.  I love charley hopper's work and his first book was bigger and WAY more expensive (original edition can still be found at anthropology)...but why when you can now get a reprint for about $30.

super cool jesse reno has many books he's published.  Get them all!  Trust me!

About 8 years ago, we had a teacher come to artfest who had this super cool, pieced together, sweater that both my mom and I flipped over.  She said it was made by Crispina Ffrench who was really only working for a small shop on the east coast.  She kindly explained to my mom how she made it but we really never sat down to actually do it.  She finally wrote a book that I knew I had to have.  For anyone who likes making their own clothes, this one has great ideas for using old sweaters to make new sweaters.


  1. Sometimes it is freakishly weird (in a good way) when someone (you) crawls into my brain lol. I have *adored* Charley Harper forever, he lived near my family and my Mom knew he and his wife. I have a vintage cookbook w/his illustrations, plus loads of other stuff.
    And......I am currently working on piecing sweater parts together, didn't know about this book, but clearly I *must* own it.
    Thxs for great book lists as usual :-)

  2. great minds think

  3. i love the sweater chop shop book, it's in my library too! will check out charley harper, thanks for the recommendation.

  4. Owwww... MORE must have books! Thanks Teesha!!! I have to let you know your you tube how-to videos gave me a kick in the pants, and I threw together a quick (cheap paper) journal (because I left my good paper at home accidently, so was forced to purchase a lightweight cheap brand) and started a small journal with all your techniques! Thanks so much for your generosity and inspiration!

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