Saturday, April 18, 2009

new pages


  1. Dear Teesha,
    Wonderful pages! We had so much fun at ArtFest again this year, and it is nice to know that it was so breezy for you too. Thanks again to all your peeps who made it so good for us~~I sent you an email with this and a little more...still searching for next year's AF's probably right under my nose but I can't seem to find the info!
    Ellen HH

  2. WOW!! Wonderful journal pages. Can't wait to see you in San Jose next month. Hope you are having a rest now. You deserve it. Sharon

  3. well, breezy is relative regarding artfest...LOL. It is STILL my hardest week of the whole year...but I guess it was less hard this time. and yes...all the help certainly...helped.

  4. always!