Saturday, February 14, 2009

some shots from around the house

Tiphoni made these for tracy and me for christmas. She used some sort of crayola crayons made for fabric. The tall one was for me and the short one was for tracy.
My mom gave these to me for my birthday. She got them in Sweden. Each is really heavy. Not sure what they were for but I think they are really cool.


  1. Oh wow!! I just love wierd, different creature's. I have a collection of odd character's. I call them my "Journal Pal's". These two are very cool in an odd creature sort of way. Sharon

  2. oh how cute the blocks are. I'm from Sweden and never seen them here where did your mum find them I would love getting them.

    Have a lovely day and keep on journaling it's such a nice thing to come in here to your place and see all the wonderful pages you do.

  3. Hello..
    Those blocks would be awesome if you pressed them into stamp foam to create your own stamps..

    Try that out and please put up a sample...
    You could make spectacular artwork with those.
    Very kewl.