Wednesday, February 11, 2009


So, I decided I wanted to take the girls out to a new restaurant once a month. The first one was Poppy's last night. I forgot to take photos until eating stuff off my plate...guess I was too excited. Anyway...Poppy's was just opened by Jerry Traunfeld who authored a cookbook but was also the head chef for several years at the herbfarm restaurant ($200 a head for dinner). So, since I never got to go to the herbfarm, I was excited to try this place out (the above was $32). He was inspired by the Southern Indian style of eating where you have several small bowls on a tray...called Thali. Like a tasting menu all at once. Can't say we were blown away. the food seemed kinda bland...needed salt and more flavor. My favorite thing was the eggplant fries (appetizer) with salt and honey drizzled over. I'd probably return for just that. You can see the menu at . Anyway...I love the idea of it and I have liked the recipes I have made from his cookbook but wasn't thrilled with my dinner. Oh well. the company was divine, the waitress was delightfully quirky, and the presentation inspiring.


  1. Love the honest feedback on the food. Maybe if it's served in small bowls and it's sort of bland you are supposed to socialize rather than eat..then fewer calories and more friends..sounds like a good concept to me. Glad you had fun.

  2. Mediocre food and great company beats great food and mediocre company any day. lol
    be free.
    Peace & Love,
    ♥ Barb ♥