Sunday, February 22, 2009

left brain creating

Yesterday I felt like left brain art. That means something where I don't think much. So this was a pattern I had bought along time ago for a "lunch bag" and it was easy and relaxing. The pattern was designed by Kimberly Gladman for
Had to use my sushi fabric for the insides! of course!
This is a head that I bought years ago from the Outsider Art Museum in Baltimore and i continue to love it. The painting in the background is by the fabulous Carla Sonheim.


  1. Love that lunch bag! And the sushi lining? Oh yeah, that just REALLY put it over the edge *smiles*

  2. The lining is WONDERFUL! Great combo and fun design.

  3. LOVE that bag! I really must start making my own bags - I bought a sewing machine just for the purpose of making bags and haven't managed once.

    That head is awesome too. I need to buy more art.

  4. Great colors, as usual! I made a purse not to long ago. LIKE I NEED ANOTHER ONE> ;) Just discovered sewing and loving it. Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. I love the lunch bag , what a great combination of fabrics, and the black and white handle .
    wonderful !!!!!

  6. we can never have too many bags! I have a ton that I never use but still love/need them all. I think I will make my next lunchbag in more subdued colors...

  7. Anonymous8:28 PM

    love this bag teesha--
    seems like it would be fun to
    do one with part of it see-thru as well,things moving around...
    and caught under stitches...
    and about designing for a company??? can't believe you don't do this already!:) c
    take care!

  8. your blog just makes me feel good! thanks for sharing.

  9. All your projects are "want to haves". Thanks for the extra goodies you enclose in any purchases!