Thursday, October 30, 2008

Jesse Reno

cool video on Jesse Reno. oh and he has a new book coming out.

OK...last blog of the day...

this is a crazy clock I bought from an artist in portland. I love it.

The pic below it is a bag of yo-yos. Syd has a friend who went through breast cancer and made thousands of these throughout to keep her sane. Syd was selling them for her and I had to buy a couple bags. They seem to hold a special kind of energy.

Below that is a crochet'd necklace that I bought from Alma stoller (see below for a link to her site). I kept thinking about it and I couldn't let it go. I don't wear this type of jewelry but the whimsical-ness of it just makes me want to hang it somewhere that I can see it everyday.

and lastly...since I was taking photos, I wanted to show you my anniversay gift from Tracy last June. I ADORE it. He found it at a tea house on top of Queen Anne (in seattle).

Recycled stuff from Tracie Lampe

argh...these photos never end up in the order I want them. anyway...these first two photos show a blanket I worked on all through the summer using up all my skeins of cool handspun yarns I have received from friends, shows and my daughter, Trista. It's huge and covers my whole body to keep me warm while I watch tv in the cold winter months. I call it my magic blanket because it just feels like one. Each yarn I see worked in reminds me of the person who gave it to me and it really makes me happy. I call it freeform crochet, something that I picked up from a teacher 4 years ago at the first Artfiberfest.
The lime green skein was something I had to get from Tracie Lampe for my magic blanket. It just needed to be included. and the bags below (made from recycled plastic bags) are samples of a class Tracie taught at the retreat...something everyone was absolutely flipping out over. The one with the heart was a gift (thanks Tracie) and the other one I just had to buy because I just had to have another one. I'm definitely pushing on her to teach that class again.

Sweet Mary Stanley

Mary Stanley's work sits all over my house and studio. What can I say. It is a constant reminder to spend more time making stuff. Here is what I picked up from her at artfiberfest.

Tammy Gilley's art

more fun purchases from artfiberfest from Tammy Gilley.

more of Syd McCutcheon

last two photos of Syd's stuff

Syd's stuff I bought at vendor night

more of Syd McCutcheon's work

I got to take a class!!!

Since everyone at Artfiberfest was so self sufficient this year (they always are at this retreat...something about women who love fabric...they seem more comfortable in their skin and just plain happy and contented)...well, anyway...since they seemed fine, I decided to do all my saturday work on friday afternoon at the retreat so I could take a class from one of my absolute favorite artists, Syd McCutcheon on saturday. It was called floozy folio and bag and involved painting on canvas with her signature bright and happy colors, then sewing it into a bag and making a journal out of the rest. Since I didn't have ANY materials from her list, I was relieved when she said it was fine if I take it. OMG...I had SO much I am really envious of all the attendees that get to come and play. what fun. Anyway...I had to show it to you all and am super excited to paint some more on canvas. see more of syd's work here (or on the next posts I will be putting up)

alisa burke at artfiberfest

Alisa Burke was a new teacher this year and she fit right in like an old pro. Everyone loved her and her work and want her back! Here is her blog with her unique view of the retreat.

another artfiberfest link

this is alma stoller's blog and all her student's work. one of these days I'm gonna figure out how to run the event and be a student too.

An Artfiberfest Link

Ruth Rae did a wonderful toast to Artfiberfest on her blog...if anyone wants to see what we were up to last week.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

last of the Zinnia pics

Okay...have fun looking...see what I mean about the inspiration?! OH...and Tamera wants you to know that these shots were taken in the midst of a remodel.

even more from Zinnia's

More pics from Zinnia's


This is my favorite-ist store ever. It is called Zinnia's and you can find it in Pasadena, CA. Tamera is so creative and really has that eye for things. I get super inspired everytime I go in her store...just wish I lived closer. I was pressing on her big time last trip in there to write a book since she is so original and she said she had been thinking about it. I do hope she writes one so she can share more of her creative genius with the rest of us. I have a bunch more pics which will have to go in the next couple of posts...

Good Books

The following are some books that I've been digging lately;

How To Be An Explorer Of The World by Keri Smith. I love everything Keri does. She always has the best ideas and a unique way of sharing them with readers. Love this book for creative slumps...or even a saturday afternoon.

Taking Flight by Kelly Rae Roberts. I have had the pleasure to see Kelly absolutely blossom after first meeting her at one of my Artfest retreats. Her style and graciousness as a person is delightful. This book is chock full of projects with step by step instructions and tons of photos. She includes the work of 7 other artists as well, all of whom I know and are equally talented and big hearted. Highly recommended.

What It Is by Lynda Barry. This is hands down the best book to come across my desk for years. It is basically a reproduction of her journal or journal-like daily entries. She has a style that gets my creative adrenaline racing and a very deep insight into life and how we need to react to it. I LOVE this book and have been super duper inspired by it. Must have!

Sage-ing While Age-ing by Shirley Maclaine. I was recently talking about this book to some women and one of them piped up that shirley was so full of herself. I TOTALLY disagree. She is opinionated and she doesn't keep her mouth shut...MORE POWER TO HER!!! I think she is very intelligent and deeply intuitive. If someone says something that you disagree with, fine. Disagree. But don't try to shut her up because of it. Can you tell this is a big pet peeve of mine? This book touches on so many subjects that I read entire books about. It's all stuff that will stretch your mind in a good way. But it is all stuff you should at least know about instead of keeping your head in the sand. If only more women would just speak up about things they feel strongly about, this world be a different place.

Art, Skateboarding & Life by Andy Howell. A montage of art. The book is chock full of it. Great inspiration and ideas. Loved it.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

oh, and btw...GO OBAMA!!!!

Artfiberfest & Journalfest

So...just got done holding Artfiberfest and it went super good. We had about 80 folks up at the fort and it was the perfect size. The weather was beautiful but then that was what I "ordered" so I wasn't surprised. I am currently finding a new venue for this event since I am tired of competing with the Houston Quilt Festival that happens at the same time. Besides, it seems as if everyone wants me to move it back to the summer (like the first 2 years). I will post the dates here and my website as soon as we have it nailed down.

Meanwhile I am also busy with a new event called Journalfest, happening Oct. 21-25, 2009 for about 200 folks. This will happen at the fort in Port Townsend and will be the same format as Artfest. However, we will have live music each night and fun journaling activities. Tracy and I are crazy excited about this and busy with the details.

As many of you know by now, I have stopped all subscriptions to my latest magazine, Art & Life. I just had to. But it felt like what I needed to do right now, at this point in my life. and it feels right. I will continue to publish and probably be blogging a whole lot more now. but the time frame will be my own.

My next post I want to share some good books with you...something that many of you said you will miss the most from the magazine. so we'll still get that covered for you. Lord knows, I won't stop bying books and I always love to share the good stuff with anyone who wants to listen.

OH...and I want to show you some stuff I got from the artists market at vendor night at will have to dig out my post.

more and more