Wednesday, September 24, 2008

theo ellsworth's new book

This is something I have been waiting a LONG time for. Theo's book is finally available on Oct. 6th from's over 300 pages and only costs $15! and the limited edition poster too is a must-have for around $10. This is many years of work for Theo...a collection of all his capacity zines all tied together in one story as well as his first work and an amazing amount of work he did to finish this anthology off. I guarantee you that it will be the best money you have ever spent. Theo creates worlds that you just get lost in. A true genius with imagination and a pen.

Monday, September 01, 2008

tommorrow is artfest registration day

As I tidy up my desk and make sure everything is all ready for artfest registration week, I come across an index card that says BLOG and I am reminded that I did not keep up my blog like I said I would. sheesh...
tommorrow is the big day for sending in those forms if you want to come to artfest. and judging from the interest, I am thinking it would be wise to send it on in if you want to come.
tracy and the girls are flying to Ithica tommorrow evening like at 11:30pm for a week of camping with their buddies. The group has really grown and they are awash with excitement. I'm kinda excited too to be by myself for a week. I do love work and this is one big work week for it will be nice to immerse myself in it and not have to stop to make dinner for hungry hubby.
ok...back to cleaning...