Friday, May 30, 2008

here comes the excitemment again

OMG...I can't even tell you how excited I get at this time every year when all the Artfest proposals come pouring in...and I mean POURING in. It's a good thing actually that I get so many to choose from but the downside is having to tell folks they didn't make it in. But back to the fun part...There are some seriously crazy good workshops that have been submitted and it always renews my passion in all the planning aspects of this behemouth of a retreat! LOL. The deadline is monday so we still have some time, but I have been getting a head start on the process because of the sheer volume. Let me tell you...Artfest 2009 will be slammin' good. I hate to tease you with this when you still have to wait until the end of july to see the delights that await...but I had to say something because I am just SO EXCITED!

The above 2 journal pages are frozen right now...meaning I can't finish them off because I actually like a page for a change! LOL...I am in that stage of feeling like I will ruin it. BAD place to be in for art. So I figure before I ruin it, I will post it here. LOL. The empty spaces are bugging me and yet...not sure what to do in them...

anyhoo...back to the proposal pile...

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

LA in July

Hey...It just occured to me to start letting you all know that we will be down in the los angeles area in July. We are doing the original rubber stamp convention show at the carson center on july 12 & 13. If you want more details on it, go to and look under their show schedule. We aren't teaching this time around but we do intend to have stuff at the show that we won't have prints, new collage, new rubber (maybe)!, my new favorite journaling pens (gotta get these on the website asap) and some art...handmade journals from both tracy and I.

Anyhoo...we hope to see you all down there!!!

In other news...I just finished up Art & Life issue 12 and it was sent to the printers...a new printer that is really good but is going to take up to 4 weeks to get it done. SO...this will be late. I am trying to keep from sinking with high color printing costs so please bear with me as I try to find a solution. I need to find myself a distributor! That would certainly help.

Artfiberfest is registering right if you wanted to come to that, jump to it. we are about 3/4's full at this point but still receiving registrations daily.