Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I had NO IDEA it has been so long since I published something on here. so I doubt anyone is reading it any longer. I find it weird to publish a magazine and do a blog...I hate repeating it has all been going into the magazine.
Anyway...I know alot of folks have been asking about journaling workshops, so we finally got some posted on our website click on workshops.
We have been crazy busy these days with our hands in all sorts of of which was to get our studio conducive to having workshops...a monumental task. But it is close to being there, so we felt confident to finally start having folks out our way to play and learn.
tommorrow is also the day to register for artfiberfest...the fabric retreat that is held in port townsend in october. We are keeping it small this next year so make sure to sign up early before we have to cut it off.
will post more soon. I mostly just like to look at pics when I look at blogs so I want to do the same here.