Sunday, December 14, 2008


Sophie and I woke up to snow and neither of us could wait to go out to play in it.


  1. We had snow here in Lake Forest Park too, and my heater went out last night. It was a VERY cold night. All fixed now tho.

  2. Hey Teesha! I found your blog via the Creative Therapy site.. love the page you created. I also love your journals... my gawd - you're super talented with just a few pens in a purse!!! Oh to have an ounce of your creativity.

    Happy Holidays,
    a new fan,


  3. Charger and I were out running in it at 4am... we have been napping on and off now the rest of the day.

  4. jennifer c.5:59 PM

    snow to play in would be fun! here in north dakota it is blizzarding! everything was cancelled today and most of the roads closed throughout the state. so we are hunkered down in a cozy house ;) i hope you and tracy are doing well! love your new website layout and headers too ;)

  5. She looks right at home in the snow. My sweet boy was jumping and trying to eat the snow flakes as they were falling last night. Thank you again for such a wonderful event last weekend!

  6. Since i live in Norway I'm used to it.And I get sick of it sometimes. But right now- around Christmas time it's lovely with the white outside. My Labrador dog loooves i! And Sophie is a Norwegian breed so I bet she has a lot of fun with it, too!!

  7. We live in Alabama so we seldom see snow...but we did this past week! YAY!
    Peace & Love,

  8. What a beautiful dog! We've got lots of snow in Wisconsin already, too, but some days it's been so cold already that our poor Beau's feet get cold before he can have the fun he probably thinks he's going to have. We've even gotten him doggy boots, but they don't always stay on very well.

    Love your blog!

  9. Hi Teesha,
    Oh, my goodness what a beautiful
    dog...isn't it wonderful to see
    the true joy a dog sees in the
    snowfall. My lab Riley's eyes
    just light up at the sight of
    snow and the chance to bury his
    nose in the cold white glory of it

  10. wow, Sophie is gorgeous!
    Happy days,

  11. It seems the gift of snow is finding its way across the globe!
    Here's to a white Christmas.

  12. Oh my gosh, your dog rocks!

  13. Awww, I just love big dogs, but we just put our dear 18 yr old red border collie with some chow mix down the beginning of summer. We have two pugs tho...not the run in the snow kinda dogs. Course with my knees I'm not either!!! hehehhe!!! Blessings.