Monday, December 08, 2008

How to make your own blog

OK...bear in mind, I have the simplest blog available but if you are just starting, do this and then you might want to get more complicated and search out additional stuff.

First, if you do not have a gmail email acct., make one. Go to and set something up. YOu never have to look at it again but blogger likes it if you have a gmail acct. It is easy. Just follow directions when you get there.

Then, sign into and click the orange button that says "Create a blog". Fill out the information they request. Then you will see a page that asks for a title to your blog (and blog address). This is like picking out a "store" name. You might want to come up with a "studios" name if you haven't already. For instance, "red ladybug studio" or "joe blow studios" or simply use your name if you want. whatever it is, you'll type it in and see if it has been taken. This is pretty self explanatory once you are there.

The next step takes you to the backgrounds to pick from. None of these look all that great...pick whatever appeals to you the most. It doesn't matter too much because your blog will be about your art...not the background.

Once you have done that you are ready to post your first public blog. you are going through the above steps, it proceeds to take you to a window for posting. Type in a title to the post, i.e. "my first blog entry", then in the main body start typing what you want to say. Perhaps this is a good time to let folks know what your blog will be about. If you want to add a photo, then click the little blue square icon at the top. If you hover over it with your mouse, it says "add image". Click on it and it takes you to another form page. Click the "browse" button which takes you into your own computer documents. Find your "pictures" file...or wherever you keep your pictures on your computer, find the picture you want and double click it. You will see it pop up in the little window. If you want to add another image, click "add another image" and then "browse" and do it again. YOu can add up to 5 photos for each post. NOW...before hitting the orange "upload now" button at the bottom, choose "center" for the layout and "large" for the pictures. You can change this once you know how it all works but for now, this is best.

Now click that orange button and you will follow the link back to your posting. You will see your pictures pop up in your little window that has text. Once you have written what you want, simply click "publish post" and are now blogging.

As far as the blog header...I can't help you much there. You don't really have to have one but it adds personality to your site. I have my daughter do it for me. She has done it for other people too. She charges a small fee (not sure how much). You would make up artwork that is sized 9 x 3-1/2. I just pasted a bunch of copies from my journal pages together. Then scan in your artwork at 300 dpi and send it to her and she could put it up. email her if interested at She can also help you with your photo of yourself (called an avatar) or you might be able to do that yourself (I did).

So then, play around with your "profile" and personalize your blog. It is REALLY easy. and it's free. and they are good about taking you step by step even with NO computer knowledge.


  1. I just have a little comment about the gmail account,,, I would use the email account you use for personal use so you can get email notifications when someone leaves a comment on your blog. I use yahoo, and it works perfectly.

    Yes, blogging is fun, I'm addicted to it!

  2. I love my blog and the fact that blogger/gmail have made it so easy certainly makes it something that everyone can do, no matter what their computer experience.
    I'm glad you let others know just how easy it really is!
    Peace & Love,

  3. You did a great job explaining it. Now I won't be able to lie and tell them I'm a genius, that's why it was so easy for me. Gotta come up with a new story...hmmm.... You forgot to tell them they'll be up at 2am wanting to see if anyone left a comment... and that they'll have to get home early enough to take photos to put on the blog tonight... and they'll have really good friends that they've never ever laid eyes on, and will tell them all their personal stuff...

  4. Thanx again Teesha. Just got finished. Cool!!

  5. U r just so kind,I like you and your blog both.

  6. Ok, so I logged onto your site tonight to check up on you and checked the blog for the FIRST time. I can't believe you've been blogging all this time and I haven't read it?!?!? You are soooo colorful. How in the world do you get it all done? Create, teach, journal (obsessively and ultra-detailed -- cool), photograph, download, post, eat and sleep? I've told you before that I want to be you (or in your shoes) but with 2 boys under 10 I just can't find the time. I MUST take a workshop from you. By the way, were you blogging somewhere else before? I can't believe I would have missed all your entries. Anyway -- good job and I seriously would love to know how you do it. Seriously!

  7. Oh, and how did you get all those people to leave comments? I struggle to get readers, let alone commenters.

  8. Hi..found you through 'DYLAN' did a wkend class with (AftH) a couple of weeks back...although l have an arts background l've never done art journals (soooooo loving your work so will be peeking...a lot!! lol)
    Started about 4 but not getting on very well...why is there fear involved with art journals? Help! lol

  9. Just what l needed..found your page on 'HOW I JOURNAL' Thanx big time l know that will help

  10. Anonymous12:22 AM

    Haven't had time to visit your blog in awhile, but I wanted to say just how much I love your art. It makes my art sing. It inspires me. It feeds my soul. Thank you for sharing. I totally love the zine, too.

    Annie in NY

  11. What a thoughtful post! Love your new header and etsy shop. You are always an inspiration, and you were my 'first' inspiration, too!

  12. Great advice for newbies. Thanks for taking the time to share!

  13. Just wanted to thank you for sharing not only your fab art which I really enjoy viewing, but also for the blogging info. It helped me and I have taken the plunge as a result. Thanks once again!