Tuesday, December 23, 2008

good journals

many of you have asked me about where to get journals with good paper to create in. Rag and Bone Bindery is the best I have found if I don't want to bind my own. They handbind their books, use high quality paper and as people, they are the best. I got to meet them in Providence, RI when tiff went to RISD there and I was salivating when I saw their studio and their loft that they were in the middle of fixing up to live there. Just the coolest old building I've ever seen. Anyway. you won't be dissappointed in their work. http://www.ragandbonebindery.com/


  1. i can vouch for them too-i have about 6 of them and love them~

  2. Warm colors ,great journals !
    Love your work .
    Rini - the Netherlands

  3. I just tried moleskine for the first time (watercolor journal)-I just started my art journal in it and I really like it, but I plan to buy one of these for the next art journal:) thanks for the post and I love your blog!!