Sunday, December 07, 2008

christmas party - mission accomplished.

so, since I showed this page a couple of weeks ago in the above state...I wanted to show you what I did on it this morning. The page is still not finished but I think you can see how I start transforming it...

Anyway, we had 60 people RSVP for our party last saturday night and 50 showed up, so we were thrilled. It was SO GOOD to get together with a bunch of artists friends and just talk and hang out in our studio. We did a "handmade" gift exchange that was fun and gave us a taste of what everyone did. Also, all 50 brought finger food and we had enough grub to feed a third world country. Besides punch, wine & beer, Tracy decided halfway through to break out some rum, whisky and other liquors and then the party really got fun. A few remained and we were mixing some drinks with a St. Germaine liquor that I recently found. I saw it at the store and HAD to have it for the bottle. It is made in Paris from elderflowers and oh, it is GOOD...especially with champagne. Tastes like a grapefruit that has sugar on it and is placed under a broiler. mmmm.
We'll be doing more parties and seattle get-togethers, so if you want to join in the fun, email me and ask to be put on our seattle group email list.
Tiphoni has now quit Starbucks and is using her talents more by working for me. You can see a brand new front page to my website and little by little she is reworking the rest of the stay tuned. I'm excited about the changes and the breathe of fresh air that she is breathing into everything.
So, tommorrow I will be talking about how to start a blog since I was talking to some people at the party who really wanted to know. It is a piece of cake...but I will take you through what I did. It is free and super duper easy. I really think ALL artists should have at least a blog so when people ask you what you do, you give them a card that has your blog address so they can see for themselves. It will propel you much faster as an artist. trust me. And with how easy it is and one has an excuse.


  1. WOW!! A blog would be great, a real one that is. I have always wanted one but didn't know how. Thanx for the info, and I am now on my way to your web site to see your changes. Sharon

  2. I only looked at the new front page of your web site and it's STUNNING! You and Tiphoni make a great team. She's a genius.

    The party sounds like such fun. I'm glad it was great!

  3. I had a great time. Love your home and all the amazing artwork and grace surrounding your home and studio.
    (and I found my keys elsewhere btw)

  4. I left Seattle for Australia in '85 and haven't really been tempted to return before...

  5. I love seeing how your page has progressed from the collage elements to having more of a journal feel to it. It gives me hope that I can eventually make my own art journaling better and worthy of being seen. lol
    I love the new look at your site. Awesome! (I have lots of your goodies on my holiday wishlist, btw.)
    Peace & Love,

  6. tiphoni has let her domains lapse.

  7. Anonymous9:43 AM

    I really connected with your journaling about weather intentions...I did the same thing for my wedding ceremony which was outside by the ocean. The forecast for that day was for rain...2 days beforehand, I began in a very focused manner, thinking, wishing, hoping, praying and visualizing sunshine for my wedding day. When I woke up on my wedding day it was raining lightly, which gave way to drizzle and heavy fog. But at the very moment my limo pulled up to our site, the fog burned off and the sun burst through the clouds! It did not start to rain again until the very moment the last guest had climbed into their car and driven away after the reception. We had just enough rain to make it a lucky wedding day, and just enough sun for a beautiful ocean view and a wonderful ceremony & reception. INTENTIONS really do work, powerful stuff!

  8. Lorien12:29 PM

    It was such a fun party -- one of my very favorites! In fact, on this cold, grey Monday morning, just remembering the warmth and excitement makes me feel better. Your home and studio are wonderful, Teesha and Tracy. Can't wait to share more fun times with you again!

  9. Maria C2:00 PM

    The new site design is gorgeous! Is that Flash?

    I know it's too late for 2009, but I would DIG IT if you did a 2010 calendar!

  10. Boo Hoo I missed the St Germain Elderflower Liqueur!! (I have never tasted it) But the Party was Fabulous Darling...You and Tracy did a wonderful job...I even bought new chandelier shades in mixed matched colors after see your home...looks so cool!! Thank you Thank you.
    Merry Christmas Fun to you...

  11. Anonymous6:58 PM

    Hi Teesha,
    Sorry I missed the Party, sounds like so much fun,
    Next Time! I love the site updates, so many wonderful colors, and patterns! I love more is more!

    Can't wait for Artfest!

    Happy Holidays to you and your family!


  12. Teesha, we really enjoyed coming out for the party- thanks so much for bringing artist types together and opening your home. Maybe next time you are in town we can get together at a coffee shop to journal.
    thanks again,

  13. Hi Teesha,

    I really love your journal pages. I am going to make keeping an art journal one of my art goals for 2009.

    I am thinking about making my journal pages from cheepie journal pads I can get at Art Supply Stores like Miachels and Hobby Lobby. I really like the paper it takes watercolor and acrylic paints well. I thought I might keep the pages loose in a file box and bind them later?

    One of my big questions is do you date your pages anywhere?


  14. I can't believe I forgot the Christmast party! Add me please to your Seattle mailing list. tmabbott63 at msn dot com.

  15. oohhh..please add me to your Seattle list too! Sounds like great fun. Now to go make a list of time many.

    Merry Christmas,