Wednesday, November 12, 2008

venturing into etsy world

eeeyikes...this old dog has a hard time with new tricks....but...I finally got something up on etsy. I have wanted to do something like this for a long time...My original plan was to do a journal page a day and sell it...but I realized I can't even do a journal page in a day for myself and I don't want to part with my originals....besides...doing a journal page that is really not IN a journal is just not the same. SO...I decided to put up a limited edition of one of my journal pages once a week. If they go, great. If not, I'll move on to something else. YOu can see it on .


  1. Hi Teesha...I too have ventured into the etsy world. "Production" has never been a problem for me, but "Distribution" has been a I thought I would give the etsy shop a try and it appears to be working for me. I love your work and I think you will enjoy the rewards of having an etsy shop.

    I would like to tell you about something else that is happening...there is a new Forum forming (Artistic AvantGarde)over on Ning...some really special artist (fine artist, writers, music artist) have joined in our networking and friend making journey, and I thought you might be interested. You can leave me an email at and I will send you an invite, if you are interested.

  2. Hey Teesha,

    Your Etsy shop is great! I just got on Etsy ( myself a month ago-still working of posting my jewelry.

    Good luck with your shop!

    Rebecca Chase

  3. I like the once a week idea for a print. I to have an etsy shop and seem to be searching for what I want to do with it. Maybe that is more indicative(sp?) of a larger picture and I continue searching for what "I" want my art to be.

    Congrats on the new Etsy shop. Etsy is fun, fun , fun and oh, so very addictive.

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