Friday, November 14, 2008

Journaling on the road

Since a few people asked me about what I take to journal on the road, I am happy to tell you what I do. But first I have a question...I know this is going to sound stupid...but HOW do I respond to people who post comments on my blog? I can never find their email I missing something??? journal bag consists of a slew of my favorite sharpie poster paint pens (I sell thes by the way, a white gel pen, a couple of superfine pitt pens in black, a small collection of colored pencils, all the neon gel pens, a few copic markers, a pencil, eraser, 3 panpastels (black, brown, red) and one tombo double sided adhesive roller. I do all the collage work at home. The one exception was when I went to Tokyo and relied on finding stuff there to journal with. But I still painted my pages before I left home.
Speaking of collage...I keep a giant pile on my is not sorted and everything goes into it including color copies of past journal pages that I like to deconstruct. For instance...the pieces shown below have been in the pile for a couple years as they never seemed to work on my color backgrounds...when the white pages came along, they were perfect. It is all the odd scraps and bits that I seem to use the most...the part that is left when you cut the main image out.
When we were heading to portland last weekend, I bound up my journal and quickly slapped some collage on 8 of the pages... in fact...I'll scan in some pages that are ready for taking on the road.
These are bits and pieces of collage that I will be reworking with pens, pencils, chalks and maybe even more collage. I think these pages worked better because I was in a hurry and not giving too much thought to what went down...I just knew I wanted something on the page before I left.
So...all my pens are in a zippered bag...I'll take a photo of my bag soon but right now I can't find my camera (aaargh!). and that goes into a backpack along with my journal, my ipod, some headphones, and extra black and white sharpie poster paint extra fine pens (just to make sure I always have them on me). Hope that helps you journal more.


  1. Teesha - there isn't an email required to leave a comment. Typepad has that, but I don't think blogger requires it. Lot's of blog owners just respond with their own comment. That works just fine. - Jacqueline

  2. Thanks for all the little (and big) tips you leave like this. I am still at the experimental stage of how to use paints, crayons, gesso, pens and collage pieces., findig out what I like the best.. I just received your set of 4 journalbooks by the way. It was like Christmas!! Fun inspiration.

  3. Teesha,
    Just click the comment button at the end of your entry, just like your viewers do. Then just add your comment. Then everyone can read your comment.

    Or, you can respond directly when their comment comes into your email. From your email, that is, the one that is linked to your blogger account. The problem with that is (and I have blogger too) is that I don't always get all my email notifications when someone has left me a comment.
    Does that make sense? Hard to expalin here. If so just click the comment button, and comment away! Tee Hee!

  4. oh, thanks for all those journaling on the road tips!

  5. YAY!~ Thank you so much for letting us know what you use to journal when out and about. I have a great messenger bag just for taking my journal(s) with me but I had wondered how I could make it work with I get it. Thanks!
    And I love the new page beginnings. I need to go and read back to see if you've got an "in progress" progression of a page. I'd love to see how you build a page from blank to complete.
    Peace & Love,

  6. If you right click on 'post a comment' like a commenter would, then open in a new tab or window (depending on your browser) you'll be able to see comments and respond, which means you can leave specific messages by name without having to remember what they said or post multiple comments.

  7. I like to share responses to my comments with entries when I can. That way, other people get to participate and maybe learn a little something.

    Speaking of learning a little something, I once took a cigar box class from you when you visited St. Paul. I think the people should know that you are as awesome as is your art!

    Say hey to Tracy. He was a good teaching assistant!

  8. Well..I would like to pop in and tell you how awesome it is that you are posting regularly these days! Very inspirational!

  9. Anonymous5:34 PM

    It is so good to see you blogging regularly. I always leave your blog with a smile and with inspiration.
    Continued best wishes in all your endeavors.
    Genevieve Romero

  10. Anonymous6:17 PM

    Thanx Teesha for your tips on journalling. I just threw together yesterday a journal that has crazy pages, like used envelops and old book psges and stuff. Now I have to go buy these new pens, and begin just going to town in this goofy journal. I will get to one of your classes someday. I was the one who was going to try to come this summer but work got in the way. Bye, Sharon

  11. Thanks for sharing your journaling tips with us! You're so inspirational! I just signed up for a trip to Beijing today for 24th of November and have already made a mini journal to take with me for the trip!! So EXCITED! :)

  12. Thanks for the tip about the Sharpies...I already ordered them.....and you can always respond to the blog owners if you wish...Have a nice weekend girl..your art is awesome!!
    I am a big fan!!please take a look at my blog and tell me what you think about the last art journal:O)You inspired me!!

  13. I too am excited to see you posting regularly. I just had my folding scissors confiscated at the airport when I forgot to move them from my art kit to the check in luggage; I like to journal on the plane. Having borders already in place would help me with that. I see you dont list scissors in your stash; wah, how can you live without them?

  14. Hi Teesha!

    Well, it looks like everyone has left great advise on the whole responding thing and Blogger. I've had trouble too.

    I am so thrilled to see you blogging more and more! Thanks so much for sharing all your techniques and all the gorgeous pages that we all love so. You just continue to amaze us all!

    I still use the Pitt pens that you recommended on your website years ago! Absolutely one of the best recommendations I've ever received!

    All the best,


  15. I am so exciting about seeing "your process" in how you develop your journal pages. Your posts are so inspiring and I went out and bought all the goodies to start on my own. I definitely will pick up the white pens. Looking forward to seeing what is in your zippered bag.

  16. You're such a prolific journaller, it's impossible to pick favourite pages, I love them all. Thanks for sharing your information too.

  17. Thanks for letting us peek into your journal bag! And I
    especially love seeing the beginnings of your journal pages. Maybe sometime when you've got a few extra minutes on your hands (yeah, right, I know), would you be willing to post pics of a page progression?

  18. I love the middle page, with the large black dots. Looks inspiring to me.
    Thanks for sharing.

  19. love your travel pack.
    Regarding email reply: Go to your blogger "Dashboard" then so to "settings", then go to "Comments" tab. Scroll down to the bottom of page where it says... "Comment Notification Email". There is a block where you put in YOUR email address and then "save settings"
    So when me leaves a comment, you will get the comment by email to you and then you can "reply" to my comment from your email. I always sign in to comments with my "google/blogger" account and so my email is part of that. The problem is not every one includes their email.

    If you haven't put your email address in that block can't get the comment by email. It is great.

  20. Anonymous9:27 PM

    Thanks for sharing your art & ideas! Any particular gel pens you love or hate? There are so many different brands...

  21. Thanks for sharing your Art Journal ideas. I love the collage pages you prepared for your upcoming trip.

  22. Really interesting to see how you journal on the go. The pages that you haven't finished yet are so beautiful as is!