Wednesday, May 28, 2008

LA in July

Hey...It just occured to me to start letting you all know that we will be down in the los angeles area in July. We are doing the original rubber stamp convention show at the carson center on july 12 & 13. If you want more details on it, go to and look under their show schedule. We aren't teaching this time around but we do intend to have stuff at the show that we won't have prints, new collage, new rubber (maybe)!, my new favorite journaling pens (gotta get these on the website asap) and some art...handmade journals from both tracy and I.

Anyhoo...we hope to see you all down there!!!

In other news...I just finished up Art & Life issue 12 and it was sent to the printers...a new printer that is really good but is going to take up to 4 weeks to get it done. SO...this will be late. I am trying to keep from sinking with high color printing costs so please bear with me as I try to find a solution. I need to find myself a distributor! That would certainly help.

Artfiberfest is registering right if you wanted to come to that, jump to it. we are about 3/4's full at this point but still receiving registrations daily.


  1. Man. Why can't we live on the West Coast? Oh yah. Earthquakes make me nervous. You and Tracy need to come to Michigan some time! :^) It would be so great to take your journaling classes. (A thought from reading one of your previous posts.)


  2. Hey Teesha - have you looked at That's who we use for all of The Weed Patch printing stuff - from stickers to our full color newsletters... (you should check out the website, too - it's growing up a bunch, and we've got a blog - plus a recipe blog - that Janene's doing a bunch with... it's They're some of the best prices we've found in USA. They also offer mailing services, but I haven't looked into that too closely. Anyway, might check 'em out - the longer you give them to turn it around the less expensive it is, but if you need it RUSH you can pay more and get it RUSH... Otherwise, I'd love to know who you're going through as I'd look at them, too! :)

    Sorry we missed ArtFest this year - just too much going on with Ben turning 1 and all that jazz... :)

  3. Hi teesha!!
    So glad I got to come back to my hometown to see you @ carson. I just finished making a journal using the instructions on your website. Stinkin' AMAZING!!!! I am so so so pleased with how it came out!!Thanks for posting the instructions!

    Carrie Todd